Layering Deodorant | Demo

Are you wanting to rid yourself of toxins, chemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrance? Whether you are doing it by choice to improve your health, or doing it out of necessity you will be able to find the natural deodorant that is right for you.

Natural deodorants do not clog sweat glands, contain aluminum and are not antiperspirant. Allow your body to naturally perspire while keeping bacteria and odors away. Stay fresher and drier longer by using a natural deodorant. There are 3 varieties for your needs.

I need light to normal coverage.

If you find yourself needing regular coverage and you don’t regularly workout or sweat often, then you can go with our Cream Deodorant or Body Powder alone. The cream deodorant provides standard coverage for regular days in a variety of scents to work with your body odor. If you are a wet sweater and find yourself dripping the Body Powder is a good normal day coverage, but will help keep you drier longer. Available in both regular (Essentials) or baking soda free (Sensitive)

I need heavy protection.

If you need ultimate deodorizing action we recommend pairing your cream deodorant with a body powder. Apply the cream stick to clean pits. You can immediately apply the powder directly on top or just bring it along to the gym, or have access to it throughout the day for when you feel like you need a little extra. You can match your cream deodorant scent with one of the Body Powders for perfect deodorant duo to work together to fit against your stink. Available in both regular (Essentials) or baking soda free (Sensitive).

I am sensitive to baking soda.

The most common issue with natural deodorant is ones sensitivity to baking soda. Baking soda can be irritating on many skin types. If you have tried a natural deodorant, but were left with red itchy pits, then using a baking soda free version is right for you. Utilizing the power of bentonite clay and arrowroot powder you can still fight odor without getting rashes. For normal days the baking soda free deodorant variety will be right for you. For heavier days try the Sensitive Boost deodorant that features zinc, charcoal and magnesium and layer with a Sensitive Body Powder for ultimate protection.