Behind the Scenes: Moody Surprise!

3 years ago the Moody Sisters became so busy with orders and work that they were able to take their side business to full time status. The sisters Jess and Whit quit their jobs and starting making and taking their skincare biz to the next level.

Prior to this leap into the self-employed world Moody Sister Jess and Whit lived in the same town of Cashmere, WA with their families. Moody Sister Jess was an exhausted and overworked tech developer for a local bank and Whit was working 2 part time jobs while being a stay at home mom. The business just kept growing and together they decided it was time to make their dreams happen.

Within 1 month of each other both had quit their jobs and focused their energy on making epic health and beauty care for women like them. At this time Jess and her family made another of their dreams come true by packing up and moving south. And in this family- we don't do anything half-a**. Jess and her fam moved across the country to Florida!

That was in 2013. Fast forward to 2017 and Jess and Whit get to see each other virtually to talk biz and keep everything running smoothly from two sides of the country.

Since Moody Sister Jess is turning the big 4-0 this year Whitney decided that it was time for a little surprise visit. But like we said, we don't do anything half-a** around here... so Moody Sister Whit hopped on a plane at 3 in the morning and traveled all day to arrive in Florida to give Jess a half birthday surprise! WATCH THE SURPRISE BELOW!

Needless to say it was the best surprise ever... and only made possible by the incredible support from YOU. Your orders, loyalty, sharing, commenting and engaging all have made our business (and things like this) achievable.

We even got to do our first live video TOGETHER while we were under the same roof. It really was just a goofy, get-to-know-us video more than anything health & beauty related-- but it was fun! Please watch and comment with us!

We went, we came, we saw and it was epic. Here is a little photo collage of our time together.