Best Products for Zits

This last week my face decided it would sprout painful zits on my jawline and neck. It probably was from the junk food I ate, but I’m just going to say my skin was being empathetic. It wanted to be moody, to give teens hope, that they aren’t the only ones that have zits for back to school. So your welcome teens. You’re not alone. We are with you.

When I find myself with moody skin I like to utilize some of my favorite natural Moody Skincare products to whip my skin back into shape. Here are my top 3 natural zit zappers to simplify your life and rock your moody skin.

Charcoal Mask
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1. Clarifying Mask

If you’re struggling with a small area of blemishes try using  a natural clarifying clay and charcoal mask to purify and tone. Charcoal masks are a great natural blemish remedy as the ingredients draw out dirt and oil from your pores. Take a small amount of the mask and mix in with honey. Allow to sit 5-10 minutes until mask dries and gently wash with warm water. Use this method daily until skin improves. *safe for all skin types!

This 4 oz jar contains enough product for 24 full face mask or 48 partial spot treatment masks.

Check out this magical mask and its other multi-purposes here.


Blemish Serum
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2. Overnight Zit Zapper

If you have the one zit that is taking its sweet time to show its ugly head then try using the natural blemish serum morning and night to zap it from existence. Featuringlemon, alcohol and salicylic acid you’ll be sure to kick your blemishes to the curb overnight! This is the perfect emergency blemish control for spot treatment or smaller moody areas. Combine with your clarifying mask or toner for an even bigger impact.

Each roller bottle lasts 6+  months.

Check out your zit Zamboni here.

Clarifying Toning Mist
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3. Toning Routine

When your skin just gets out of control a Clarifying toner can help calm and balance. Tighten and tone your pores and help control oil and shine by spritzing your toner all over your face after cleansing. You can even use this mid-day with a cotton ball for a quick cleansing and toning.

Use this morning and night after cleansing for best results. Each bottle will last 4-6 months if used daily for $14

Check out your toning mist here.

While these quick blemishes fixes work, it’s important that you’re are using a complete skincare routine to get flawless skin. For oily & blemish prone skin use a complete skincare set that includes a clarifying foaming wash, toner and lightweight moisturizer. Then you can add in your blemish serum and mask for the ultimate in natural zit zapping.