The Ultimate Guide to Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Basics: The Mission

There are a couple things to remember. Light shades bring things forward and accentuate the area it’s on. Dark shades push back the area and make the appear smaller.

The goal? Balance in size between your upper (brow bone to crease) and lower lid (eye lashes to crease) while giving the appearance of bigger or more open eyes.

How to make it happen: use a “highlight” shade which is a shade lighter than your skin and a “mid tone” which is a shade darker than your skin tone. *You want the most natural tones so these colors will be creams, browns or pinks.

Step 1: Highlight

What do you have to work with?

Take a good look at your eyes (without makeup) in the mirror- chin level to the ground looking straight into the depths of your soul. Are your lower lid and upper lid equal in size?

  • If your lids are equal you probably have normal or almond shaped eyes.
  • If your upper lid is bigger than your lower lid you probably have hooded eyes.
  • If your lower lid is bigger than your upper lid you probably have deep set or prominent eyes.

Step 2: Contour with Midtones

Here’s how we shape each eye using our highlighter & mid tone color.

  • For normal/almond shaped eyes you will accent what you have. Highlight your brow bones and your lid and go over your crease, starting from the outside in with your mid tone shade. Blend it.
  • For hooded shaped eyes you will highlight along your brow bone and over your entire lower lid. Above your crease, on the bottom of your upper lid, work from the outside in with your mid tone shade. Blend it.
  • For deep set or prominent eyes highlight the entire upper lid and crease. Apply a mid tone along the lash line blending up onto your lid slightly.

Step 3: Accent Color (optional)

When & How to Use Accent Colors

You can use accent colors when you want to accentuate your eyes or make your look bolder.

If you are using an everyday accent color you can use this color on the corner of the inside of your eye for sparkle or all over your lid (irregardless of shape).

If you are using a darker bold accent shade try lining your lashes or expand on your mid tone area by drawing outside of the lines to make it bolder.

Color Recommendations for Me

What colors are best for my Eye Color:

Hazel to Green

  • ·         Pinks & Reds
  • ·         Greens
  • ·         Golds/Browns
  • ·         Purples


All colors work great on brown eyes, but we especially love:

  • ·         Purples/Plums
  •           Golds

Blue to Gray

  • ·         Silver/Gray
  • ·         Blues
  • ·         Copper/Golds
  • ·         Corals