Natural Shampoo Love Story

A Broken Heart Mended

I spent my entire life using commercial chemical filled shampoo because any natural shampoo made me a greaseball. The dandruff and dry crispy hair was the last straw and I knew I had to try something different… It took me an allergic reaction, failed natural remedies and weeks to find a solution and get the perfectly balanced  scalp and hair using all natural products.

I sacrificed my head for the common good of overcoming chemical shampoos so I could bring you my little nuggets or wisdom and encouragement to simplify your life and rock your moody skin.

Here's the truth. I didn’t believe a natural shampoo could work.

I tried the experiment almost a year ago… trying to switch to a natural shampoo. It was laughable. My hair became greasier every time I tried something new. I started creating dreads with my waxy locks. This was not what I envisioned for natural shampoo. Has anyone else been here?!

I was defeated.  “I’m OUT. There is NO WAY I’m using natural shampoo if this is what the results are.”  There has to be a way to have natural shampoo without this mess. Where have all the good shampoos gone?! Natural shampoo and I went our separate ways and had a much needed break.

The Happy Accident

Fast forward a year and I was buying the cheapest commercial shampoo I could get my hands on. I bought this gallon size jug from wally world and I think it cost 5 dollars. It was the beginning of the end.

My husband and I had dandruff all the time. I didn’t notice it as much in my long hair, but my poor hubby had it everywhere and it just got worse the more and more we used it.

The thing I did notice was my constant itchy feeling all over my scalp… In fact, after a week of using a new commercial shampoo I realized I was having an allergic reaction to one of the chemicals (fragrance much?!). My shoulders were itchy and broken out from my hair laying on them and my scalp was red and irritated.

I thought, “alright natural shampoo. I’ll give you ONE more chance to make this right.”

*Light bulb*

Jess and I were just about ready to release a new Body Wash & Shave that was actually very similar to a shampoo recipe. 

“Well, it can’t make it any worse!” I thought and off to the shower I went.

I hopped out and waiting for my hair to dry… and weirdly… it had worked. It was ridiculously soft and hydrated, more than it had ever felt before. And my shoulders didn’t itch!

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I tried it again and again and Jess did too and low and behold, the shampoo we always wanted to make, was here in the form of our Shampoo, Wash & Shave!

We know switching to natural shampoo can be scary, but we're excited to be on this journey with you -- you're not alone! Read more hair posts about my top tips for making the switch and how to do some much needed TLC for your scalp.