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Whether it’s the harsh summer sun or cold winter air your chapped dry lips always need extra TLC. We’re going to show you exactly how to get the most kissable silky lips in just two steps.

The skin on your lips is different than any other skin on your body and it doesn’t naturally protect itself—it leaves that up to you! So you can get chapped lips from sun exposure, wind, dry winter air or not drinking enough water- there are lots of reasons- which is why a lot of us have chapped lips.

The skin on your lips also is constantly growing and repairing, especially if you have the nasty habit of biting them, which is why you may find you get peeling. Let’s jump in and find out how to remedy your dull, dry lips.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Grab your jar of natural lip scrub and inside is a buttery scrub that will not only instantly plump and revive your lips, but it gently exfoliates any dead skin cells. It’s made with honey crystals, organic evaporated cane juice, coconut sugar, and apricot kernel meal to bring life to your dry dull lips.

Unlike most scrubs this lip loving butter based scrub will intensely hydrate and revitalize those chapped, dry, peeling lips.

Apply a small amount weekly to help remove dead skin and soften for the most beautiful juicy lips, plus it helps lip color stay longer and not flake for color perfection.

Step 2: Hydrate & Protect

To complete the ultimate in lip pampering you’re going to want to follow up with a rich hydrating lip balm. Each decadent lip balm will knock your socks off with its hydration and protection with natural lip loving butters and scented with only essential oil and fruit extracts.

You can use it on chapped lips from the summer sun or during the cold dry winter when your sensitive lips have had enough.

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