4 Ways to Use Bronzing Lotion

4 Ways to Use Your Mineral Bronzer

You can use your Bronzing lotion on your face and body year round and with these four different ways to use it you'll fall in love with its versatility. Bronzing lotion is a natural bottle of sunless tanning lotion, colored with a blend of micas and iron oxide.

With the perfect level of hydration and glide this Bronzing Body Tanning lotion is easy to rub in and you won’t have any lines or streaks. Just apply and massage this sunless lotion into your skin and allow 10-20 minutes to absorb completely before getting dressed to avoid staining clothes.

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1. Cream Bronzer

Blend in this silky smooth bronzing lotion using circle motions into your cheek bones as if it was a cheek bronzer. Just massage in and you'll get hint beautiful color and glow, plus the benefit of hydration on your cheeks.

2. Contouring Shade

Get a small bit of your bronzing lotion and create a line under your cheek bones and blend it in for a natural contouring shade. This will give your face and cheek bones definition and easy contouring.

3. Tinted Moisturizer

Take a small amount of your bronzing lotion and blend all over onto your face. This will help hydrate and even out your skin tone for those with ivory and beige shades. Give your face a flawless sun kissed look.

4. Body Bronzer

Apply to your arms, legs or chest to give you an all over beautiful glow. Apply just like a lotion after shower and allow to dry completely before putting clothes over. Your natural bronzing lotion will wash off perfectly in the shower.

Who knew one lotion could have some many different uses!? Get your Bronzing Lotion now and get that sun kissed glow when you need it.

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