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Moody Sisters Makeup Brushes guide and demo

Brushes for the Simple Woman

Watch Moody Sister Whitney start with no makeup and use each brush to go to gorgeous in just minutes using only 5 brushes. Below is a summary of each beauty product applied and which brush was used to make it happen.


For those little trouble areas use the tapered side of the multi-task brush. Dab concealer on trouble areas and blend out with the chubby blender.

Brush of choice: Multi-Task for spot concealing / Chubby Blender for blending or large areas of concealing

Contouring & Highlighting

Take the same tapered side of the multi-task brush you used for spot concealing. Brush back and forth and blend out with chubby blender. *Alternatively you can use the pointed face brush for applying contouring/highlighting your cheek shade and blending.

Brush of choice: Multi-Task for eyes / Pointed Face Brush for face

Foundation {Liquid or Cream}

For the beautiful air brushed foundation look apply your liquid or cream foundation using the chubby blender brush. It's dense bristles will pick up product and blend in for flawless perfection.

Brush of choice: Chubby Blender


Dab your jumbo buffer brush into your mineral powder or setting powder for the flawless finished look. It pulls just the right amount onto the bristles and blends all over in seconds.

Brush of Choice: Jumbo Buffer

Eye Liner

Take your loose eye color and dampen the flat square side of the multi-task brush. Collect your mineral eye color on the dampened brush and brush on top and under lashes for an easy flawless line. 

Do the same for gel liner, no water needed. Just wipe your brush into the gel pot and apply from the outside in on the top and bottom lash line.

Brush of Choice: Multi-Task Brush


Eye Color {Highlighting & Blending}

For all over brow bone color, mid tone or lid eye shadow use the large shadow brush to naturally blend in. Use this same brush to blend eye colors for more natural look.

Brush of Choice: Large Shadow Brush

Eye Color {Accent}

For a more defined or accent eye color apply with the tapered side of the multi-task brush by patting the shade onto lid and into brow bow. Blend out with the large shadow brush.

Brush of Choice: Multi-Task Brush

Cheek Color

Add cheek color using the pointed face brush. Use the tip of the brush for a more define application or press down in circular motion for a blended application. Blend out with the Jumbo Buffer.

Brush of Choice: Pointed Face Brush

Get all 5 brushes to do 8 different jobs and SAVE!

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