Rash Free Pits at last!


I'm sure you've seen the hashtags all over facebook this political season with #feelthebern.  But it's truly awful when that applies to your armpits.  Your red, rashy, dry, angry pits.  They're painful with a t-shirt on and unsightly with a tank top.  A rash can be -- quite literally -- the pits, and we're here to save you!

For those of you who have experienced a painful rash or irritation with a natural deodorant, we want you to know --


We first started developing our deodorant line because our moody skin HATES fragrances and chemicals.  

Moody Sister Whitney can't use any commercial deodorants without developing lumpy, painful cysts.  So we came out with our Powder Deodorant and it was great!  No more rashes for Whitney!  Our customers asked us to develop a stick deodorant, since some people aren't too fond of applying the powder deo with a powder puff.  Our first rendition worked well, but used Cornstarch as a main ingredient.  This is when we learned an important lesson: 

Your armpits need some hydration.  

You'd think you'd want to dry those babies out so you don't smell, but your pits are still SKIN and your skin still needs moisture to be happy.  My pits would occasionally break out in angry, painful rashes which I finally determined were from the cornstarch that would just suck all the moisture out of my skin.

Our second formula was a vast improvement on the first - the coconut oil is wonderful for your skin, but hostile to the odor-causing bacteria, and switching the cornstarch to the Arrowroot Powder has made a huge difference.  The Arrowroot is much gentler on the skin, but still wicks the sweat away to help keep you drier.  As the Cream Deodorant soared in popularity, we began to hear from a lot of customers that they were still getting red, rashy armpits, and the rashes happened with every brand of deodorant that uses Baking Soda.  So, we began to research.  Baking Soda, even though it can sometimes be used to help soothe skin, is very alkaline.  Our skin is naturally a bit acidic, helping it hang on to moisture.  Alkaline substances can dry your skin out.

Sensitive skin can find alkaline substances irritating.

If you have sensitive skin, or if your pH balance is slightly out of whack due to diet or other health reason, the alkalinity of Baking Soda in your deodorant can cause contact dermatitis.  It can look and feel like a burn, and you can have red, itchy, dry, scaly underarm skin.

So am I doomed to a life of stinky pits!?

Of course not!  After getting enough customer complaints about issues with Baking Soda, we did some more research and developed our latest formula - Baking Soda Free Cream Deodorant.  We have replaced the sometimes-rash-inducing Baking Soda with Bentonite Clay.  Bentonite clay is composed of ash made from volcanoes. (Which is why the Baking Soda Free Cream Deodorant takes on a grayish hue)  Bentonite clay is very absorbent, and helps bind and pull toxins from your skin (including those nasty little odor-causing bacteria!).  We've even expanded the Baking Soda Free deodorant to now be offered in two scents:  Sweet Orange and Lavender Citrus.  

Do you have any questions about using natural deodorant?  Leave a comment below or shoot us an email {love@moodysistersskincare.com} and we will answer your question ASAP!

You can also find our top 5 tips on how to make the switch to natural deodorant and all about the "detox" here.

Baking Soda Free Cream Deodorant from Moody Sisters

I love it! I love that it doesn’t give me a rash like other natural deodorants do and it smells amazing!
Been using for a couple days now and works great! Smells good and no skin irritation with this deodorant. Love it!