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It's that time of year again - {cue Barry White voice} the time for loooooove.  Love can look like many different things depending on what stage you're at in life.  It could be an anonymous love note left in your locker, a romantic candlelit dinner, or a night laughing with friends.  Maybe it's an hour of "Netflix and chill" after you've finally wrestled the kids to bed, or maybe it's an hour of "Netflix and side-by-side snoring" on the couch because you're both exhausted.  

Whatever your love looks like this Valentine's Day - here are some great gifts to tell someone you love them.  {Did you know that these are the best gifts to give yourself too--have you told yourself you love you lately?!}

So, how do I love thee?  {or-- how do I love me?}  Let me count the ways!

Moody Sisters Mascara
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#1.  I Love Your Eyes

They say that the eyes are the window to your soul - so who doesn't want some pretty drapes on those windows?  Accentuate your natural beauty --without compromising your health.

Featuring organic, vegan, water resistant and sensitive eye formula. Made from hydrosol, coffee powder and mica to give you long lashes and flawless wear.

 Shop organic mascara, natural eyeliners and brow pencils, and amazing mineral powders for eyes here!

Valentine's Tip: For the ultimate sexy lashes, curl first, coat with mascara and allow 2-3 minutes to completely dry, curl again and add another layer for the most voluptuous lashes.

Moody Sisters Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss
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#2.  I Love Your Lips

Soft, kissable lips are a must this Valentine's Day but the cold and dry winter months can make it a little tricky.  Smooth out chapped, cracking lips with the Lip Scrub.  Then pucker up with some organic Lip Gloss.  

You will love the light vanilla scent, moisturizing feel from the blend of castor, coconut, grapeseed and jojoba oil with the natural colors made from mica and iron oxides. Sucking face has never been so healthy (and enjoyable!)

Valentine's Tip: Wondering what lip color is right for you? Check out this lip color guide!

Moody Sisters Dusting Powder
Sensitive Body Powder
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#3.  I Love Your Body

Silky smooth body dusting powder will make you feel sexy and romantic all over.  This luxurious body powder will transport you to a magical never, never land.  As in - you've never, NEVER smelled this amazing before.  

Scented with organic lavender, rose and chamomile flower powders, you'll be floating on cloud nine.  {Almost as if your fairy godmother sprinkled you with fairy dust.}  This powder is talc-free so it is fragrant and amazing but not harmful!

Valentine's Tip: Use this silky powder for a body deodorant or even in your intimate clothing for a fresh and sensual scent.

Feminine Cleansing Wash
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#4.   I Love Your Hoo-Hoo-Dilly

Most women don't like to talk about their hoo-hoo-dilly.  Their magical lady parts, honey pot, fanny, muff, pearl, snatch, kitty-cat, wahoo, vajayjay.  Somehow in our family it was called a "bumpty".  Don't let your "flower" turn into a "chasm of doom" -- give it some love. (After all, without our lady bits the human population would cease to exist... so treat them accordingly!)   Use the pH balanced wash and spray to keep the funk away - naturally!

Valentine's Tip: You can use the feminine cleansing wash all over your body for a subtle scent and all over soft feel.

Give the gift of Moody Sisters - because they don't make a greeting card that says "I love ya lots and want you to stick around, so I want you to be healthy and not use a bunch of nasty chemical crap on your skin."   
{Note to self:  Start greeting card line, you're a natural at this.}

Much love,


Moody Sister Jess