Blush 101 Video Tutorial {NEW Pressed Mineral Cheek Colors!}

Moody Sisters Skincare Blush 101

Introducing new PRESSED Mineral Makeup Cheek Colors!  Check out the amazing tutorial video below by the beautiful Maria from Agape Love Designs.

Why wear blush?

Blush can be intimidating, and some people wonder why it's important to wear blush!  Blush adds a nice flush and glow to your cheeks, giving your face more dimension, making you look younger and healthier.  When you even out your skin tone with concealer and foundation, you're hiding your natural flush and skin tone, so blush can add back that needed dimension for a more natural look.

What new colors are available?

The two new colors are Just a Peach and Patina.  They are both a very creamy, easy to use pressed mineral powder.  Patina can look a little intimidating, because it looks very brown in the pan, but it applies beautifully with a warm copper tone and a slightly golden sheen.  Maria prefers the Patina on her cheeks, as it is a great shade for people with a more almond/golden tone to their skin.  Just a Peach looks very bright pink in the pan, but it is actually a light and cool peachy pink tone with an almost silver sheen.  You can apply very little of it for a light, natural look and then build it up to your desired shade.  We think Maria looks beautiful in both!  Find them here.

cheek duop.jpg

How should I apply cheek color?

There's no wrong way to apply cheek color -- and you may have to try different application to find what looks best on your face.  In general, you will want to apply cheek color to the apples of your cheeks.  Maria prefers applying blush just below her cheek apples, and working the blush back towards her hair line.  Watch to the end of her video to get all of her application tips!