All About Your Lady Bits

It's time for some crotch-talk.  Most women don't like to talk about their magical lady parts. Their hoo-hoo-dilly, honey pot, fanny, muff, pearl, snatch, kitty-cat, wahoo, vajayjay.  (Somehow in our family it was called a "bumpty"?!)  

Don't let your "flower" turn into a "chasm of doom" -- give it some love.  Moody Sisters' Feminine Cleansers continue to be one of our best-sellers because FUNK happens.  After all, it's the one area of our bodies that is constantly smothered in multiple layers of clothing no matter what season it is.  (Unless you go commando - in which case we salute your bravery!) 

Feminine Hygiene Options

The Feminine Cleansing Spray features Aloe Vera Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar and Lavender & Tea Tree Essential oils. This spray is great for a spritz in the bathroom or on the go. You can use it post-period, especially if you wear pads to cleanse and freshen. Because you can spritz and wipe with the Feminine spray, this is a great one for in your gym bag, in your diaper bag, camping or hiking!

The Feminine Cleansing Wash features witch hazel, hydrosols, an infusion of vitamins and lavender and tea tree essential oils. This is more hydrating and a thick wash meant for the bath or shower that you can lather and wash your lady parts, or the most sensitive skin. This was can also be used for a baby hair and body wash!

What makes both of these feminine cleansers even more versatile is if you have reusable menstrual cups or pads, they can be used to safely wash them. Bonus!

How do I know if I need them? / When do I use them?

Our bodies do a pretty amazing job at naturally balancing out our vaginas, but with all the layers of clothes, non-breathable undies and pads sometimes things can get a little.... off. So to keep it smelling great and fresh you can spritz daily or even use if you need a little extra cleaning on the backside. Alternatively, you could use your feminine wash for the front and back in the shower or bath to stay clean and fresh.

Another common area of need and use is during your menstrual cycle. You'll find that if you wear pads you may need to spritz and cleanse more than once daily, but for sure a good and gentle wash in the shower will help you clean up down there. 

Can I spritz the Cleansing spray directly on the area?

You can spray directly, but you need to make sure you spray and wipe to get effective cleansing. We also recommend, if available, spraying onto a soft wash cloth and then wiping.   

Will these products help my recurring yeast or urinary tract infections?

None of the Moody Sisters products are designed to treat medical conditions or replace the advice of your doctor.  These products are not designed for internal use.

Does the Cleansing Spray have other uses?

Yes!  It works great as a natural alternative for baby wipes, can help freshen up toddlers who may not wipe so well, and we love it in our gym bags.  It's great to freshen up pits after a sweaty workout so we can reapply some Moody Sisters' natural cream deodorant!

Can the Cleansing Wash be used in other places?

Yes!  The Feminine Cleansing Wash is pH balanced and extra gentle for those sensitive feminine parts, but it is a fantastic body wash head to toe! This is also the perfect natural baby wash and shampoo! And if you use a menstrual cup then you'll find it's the perfect menstrual cup wash!

Do I need to use the wash and the spray?

Each product works great on it's own so you don't need to use them together.  But, if funk happens to you, we recommend keeping a Feminine Cleansing Wash in your shower at home, and throwing a Cleansing Spray in your purse or gym bag for on-the-go freshening!  

Have other questions about the Cleansing Spray or Feminine Cleansing Wash?  

Ask them in the comments, or email them to and answer you as soon as possible!

Much love,

The Moody Sisters