20 Alternative Uses

When my sister and I sit down and start planning a new product, we usually have a specific use in mind.  We might be trying to create a fantastic cream that will help my sister's dry and sensitive dermatitis, or we might be looking for a good dry shampoo for our kids who hate getting their hair wet.  But even though most of these items were created with a specific purpose in mind, our customers have found some great alternative uses for many of our products over the years and we thought we'd compile this list and share them with you!

  1. Powder Deodorant as a body powder.  Great under your sports bra -- and the mint makes a great foot powder in your shoes!
  2. Cleansing Spray to freshen your armpits.  Freshen, and then reapply deodorant on the go -- perfect in your gym bag!
  3. Cleansing Spray on baby booties after a heavy overnight diaper.
  4. Tinted lip balm for a light flush on cheeks.
  5. Dry Skin cream under my nose when it's real dry from blowing it a lot during seasonal allergies.  (Also worked good on wind-chapped cheeks)
  6. I use the lip balm on my nose when I have a cold and it gets cracked and dry. or if I have a dry knuckle or something I will rub a bit on it.
  7. Unscented Dry Skin cream for diaper rash.
  8.  I add 1 tbs Nourishing Wash with water into a 14 oz spray bottle for tidy wipe solution.
  9. I use the sugar scrub as shaving cream in the depths of winter when my legs get SUPER dry. I only use it sparingly, because the granules aren't super kind on my disposable razor - but the results are AMAZING - I've never had such baby smooth skin on my legs!!
  10. Body Wash as shaving gel.
  11. I've used the Whipped Lotion to shave my legs too!
  12. Eye shadow as eye liner.  (Works great with a damp, flat brush)
  13. Blush to intensify lip color.
  14. Eye makeup remover = massage oil.
  15. Cream Foundation as a spot concealer.  (the yellowish tint of the GoldenSand color works wonders on bluish under-eye bags!)
  16. Dry Shampoo as a light face powder on oily t-zone.
  17. I use Orange Blossom Face Cream on my dry hands and feet at night.
  18. Mud Mask as a blemish spot treatment.  Cover blemish, let dry, gently wash off with warm water.
  19. Cleansing Spray on hands instead of that drying commercial hand sanitizer.
  20. Lightweight Moisturizer or Nourishing Serum (both thin lotions featuring Aloe Vera) on sun burns.

Do you have any more alternative uses for our products?  We'd love to hear from you so we can add them to the list!  Comment below or shoot us an email at moodysisters@gmail.com!