Watch Wednesday: How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Do you think liquid eyeliner is just for pros? Watch Moody Sister Whit show you how it's done with a couple easy tricks to get that flawless smooth line that anyone can do!

Recommended Tips for Liquid Eyeliner Application

1.  If you are having trouble perfecting your liquid liner line then start with a pencil liner first. Once you get the perfect pencil line, draw over it with your liquid.

2. Start from the outer edge and make as long of lines, without lifting the wand applicator off your lashes, at one time for the smoothest line.

3.  If you have a hard time getting that perfect line- have no fear. Make that messy line with eye liner and then use a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover to sharpen it. This will allow you to get close to your lashes and not worry about mistakes.

4. Create a more subtle look by applying an eye shadow over the lid and liner. Blend in a neutral eye shade to make your liquid liner a softer look.

5. Balance your eye look out with mascara. Your mascara will get in between your lashes and help with any gaps or spaces there may be. Coat your lashes with mascara to complete the look.

Do you have any eye liner application tips or hacks? We'd love to hear them!