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A little back story on my fam.  Almost two years ago, we sold everything we owned, bought a little Honda Fit, and drove with our little dog, Dink, across the country from our hometown of Cashmere, Washington to the sunny, theme-parked land of Florida.  (You can read more about that journey here)

Dink, the cute but vindictive pooper

Dink, the cute but vindictive pooper

Dink is a miniature pincer and has always been slightly neurotic.  Because she’s getting up there in years, she had a hard time adjusting to the move.  Once we did get settled in a new house, she seemed to enjoy showing us her displeasure by pooping on the floor – the second we’d step out the front door without her.  (The good news was that she found a tiny patch of linoleum by the front door, and would always deposit her business there, and not on the carpet.)   

The one thing my husband HAD TO HAVE for our new place was a robot vacuum for our carpets.  We found a great iRobot vacuum at Costco that was even labelled as a “Pet Series” perfect for picking up pet hair, and he HAD TO HAVE IT.  I have to admit, even though I hate vacuuming, I was not a fan of the iRobot Pet Series vacuum.  THE THING HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN.  It creeps me out.  When you first turn it on, it makes little cute beeping sounds as it backs up off its little battery charger, and you think “oh that’s so cute, it sounds like a little truck backing up”.  But then it seeks you out with a single-minded mission to come rolling full-speed at your ankles.  After trying to jump and hop over the stupid thing as it slowly chipped away at my ankle bones while cooking dinner one night, I thought – “Well that’s enough of that --  I will turn this stupid robot vacuum on when I leave the house! TAKE THAT, ROBOT.”

But the robot vacuum was smarter than me.  It ate my iPad charger, dragged it throughout the house, and somehow deposited it UNDER the stove in the kitchen.  I LOOKED FOR MY CHARGER FOR 3 DAYS. 

Vacuum 1, Jess 0. 

The next time, I proclaimed:  ”AHA!  I’ve got you now!  I will NOT bow down to the robot vacuum overlords yet!”  (Why, yes… I did get a few strange looks from my family… why do you ask?)  I carefully moved all of my cords and chargers out of reach of the sucker, turned the vacuum on and left to run an errand with my husband for about 30 minutes.

When we returned, we were immediately struck with what I can only describe as a crime scene.  It was a crime scene of shit.  Dog shit as far as the eye could see, and OH the smell.  The dog and vacuum had conspired against us.  The dog deposited her payback on the linoleum, then the robot vacuum drove through it and then proceeded to smear the poop into every bit of carpet it could, and it was working on leaving a nice trail into the kitchen.  It took two of us THREE AND A HALF HOURS to clean up the carpet, the baseboard, the floors, and completely tear apart the vacuum to remove the poop that had been sucked, rolled, and smeared onto every moving part. 

Vacuum 2, Jess 0.

Needless to say, the vacuum and dog are not allowed to be together in the same room unsupervised anymore, but I’ve seen a glimpse of our Terminator future – it starts with robot vacuums and we should all be wary.

When my day starts going to shit (in this case, it was literal, most days it’s more figurative), I find myself reaching for one of my Moody Sister’s Mood Enhancer roller bottles.  If you don’t believe me, check out this before and after pic.  

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