5 Must Have Fall Skin & Beauty Products {with Guest Cat}

This fall Moody Sister Whitney and surprise guest, Moody Cat Nala, are showing you what products are hot and in style. You won't want to miss this fun quick video fresh off the camera from the two.

Featured in the video:

Nourishing Facial Serum

This rich, hydrating facial serum is loaded with organic ingredients to help your skin recover from your daily routine.  This serum features edelweiss extract, aloe vera, apricot kernal oil and neroli essential oil. The perfect balancing and silky luxurious serum to nourish moody skin. Nala says this nourishing serum helps her stripes fade away for a more even color.

Liquid Eyeliner

Make the perfect line with mineral liquid eye liner. Using the soft felt-tipped dip-brush you can easily apply smooth, thin lines for a soft, natural look, but the smooth liquid formula makes it just as easy to apply thick, strong lines for a bold, sexy look. Nala says you can make the purrfect cat eye with this liquid eyeliner.

Majestic Eye Shadow

Each silky and vibrantly pigmented mineral eye powder is highly blendable and easy to apply. You can use each mineral eye shadow color dry to give your eyes a light natural shimmer or wet for a bold new look. Nala says this deep purple mica pigment is in season right now and compliments her fur.

Ravishing Ruby Lip Gloss

Each organic Lip Gloss is made with Natural Oils, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter delivering you lasting hydration and superior shine without the stickiness. Each shade of natural mineral lip gloss glides on effortlessly, and leaves lips feeling moist, hydrated & luscious! Nala says this berry gloss is sure to bring the boys to the yard. Meeeoooowwwww!

Aromatherapy Roller Oil

Whether you need a natural aromatherapy mid-day pick me up or a soothing perfume scent to calm your frazzled nerves, you’re covered! Roll on a bottle of your favorite aromatherapy perfume scent made with pure essential oils and fruit extracts – no synthetic or chemical fragrances! Nala says the lavender makes her sleepy and ready for her cat nap... zzzzzzz....
**The Stuffy Pants aroma roller mentioned is coming soon!

Tell us what your fall favorites are! Nala wants to know.