Moody Monthly: Back to the Basics {September}

This Moody Monthly will give you an inside look at our studio and home life, what we’re working on, what’s leaving and what’s coming to the Moody Sister store. A monthly update for the devoted fans who care about the direction of our consumer led business and want to stay up to date on the ideas. Read more to get a behind the scenes look into the Moody Sister's world.

In the Studio

We are at the final countdown here as we are preparing to launch our website October 1st with some of our new Fall & Holiday products! We've finalized our holiday gift sets and goodies and the labels are at the printers and product is in production! Now we just need to photograph the bad boys and you will see them appear in our holiday and gift section in just a few days!

Whitney started doing weekly videos to help answer product questions and give you her best makeup tips. Jess has been busy making new tinted lip balm colors and creating delicious fall and holiday scents! We're moving and shaking trying to keep up with all the holiday prep. Didn't we just start summer?! Where does the time go?

We also added a new chat feature so we can answer and talk with you LIVE! It's been fun and we'd love to meet you so make sure to try it out! {bottom left corner}

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Say Goodbye

We only take away products that aren’t selling well and we always and try and replace them with something even better. It might not always be the same type of product, but we do extensive research and have our incredible test panel, made up of awesome women like you, tell us what they want us to bring out. With that being said it’s time to say goodbye to a few goodies…


Say Hello

There are so many new goodies in the Moody Sisters store that you won’t want to miss any of them! You can find ALL our *New* goodies here.

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally re-released our Nourishing Serum. If you've been a Moody fan for awhile then you may have tried our Nourishing Serum when it came out. It went away for awhile while we fine tuned the formula and now the serum is emuslified which means no more shaking necessary! This silky serum will turn you from a dehydrated mummy to cleopatra. Check it out!

When the Cream Foundation launched in March we didn't realize so many of you were searching for a good natural mineral foundation! It took off so well and we had so many requests for liquid and powder that we went for it. You can now find Mineral Powder and Liquid foundation in the Mineral Makeup section. We're so excited to help you find your perfect makeup match.

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Coming Soon

Butter Bars
Baked Mineral Eye Trios
New Fall Lip Balms
New Bath Bombs

While we work away bit by bit perfecting the Moody product line we hope you enjoy any new changes and products that we bring your way. If you ever have any feedback or suggestions we’d LOVE to hear it. Feel free to email us anytime at

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