Love Your Lips: 4 Quick & Easy Looks

Hey beauty babes, Maria (aka Agape Love Girl) here to talk to you about bold (red) lips! Thank you Whitney & Jess for having me today on their blog! Today I'd like to give a few tips and somewhat of a "how-to" when it comes to rocking the gorgeous, but somewhat intimidating color Red! Now if you were to ask me what the "rules" were when it comes to wearing red lips (or any bold lip for that matter) I'd probably make a silly face and sigh. I know rules can be helpful, but the problem with rules when it comes to makeup is that I honestly don't believe there should be any!!

Makeup is a very personal thing to each person. Its used for a variety of reasons, and what works for some - doesn't work for all! Rules make us think that if we do something contrary to the "rules" we are doing something wrong! I don't think that should be the case when it comes to makeup.

For example a common "rule" I hear often is you should never wear a bold lip with a bold eye. The eyes and lips should compliment not compete with each other. And while I think that makes sense - I don't believe it should be a rule -or that the word "never" should be used!

Because sometimes a bold lip with a bold eye looks amazing! You just have to try and see for yourself. If you like how it looks - rock it with confidence!! If its not for you, well now you know. But you'll never know if you don't try because some "rule" told you not too! ;)

With all that being said I do think that some helpful tips, suggestions and ideas are a lot better than "rules"! So first I'd love to give you a couple tips that have helped me, when it comes to wearing a bold lip. Then I'll share some suggestions and ideas with you. ♥


Be confident! If you are reading this, it might be because you are new to wearing bold lips. I remember the first time I bought and wore a red lipstick (as an adult). It was by suggestion of my Husband who admitted he'd love to see me in red lipstick and just knew it would look great on me!

So I went out and bought one, went to the bathroom to try it on. I was so terrified after putting it on, that I was honestly too shy and embarrassed to come out of the bathroom! It felt SO weird. I was tempted to wipe it off before showing my husband, but he wanted to see! And... He absolutely loved it on me. ♥

Now I will admit that I still ended up taking it off before leaving the house. It took me a few weeks of just wearing it around the house to get used to myself in it before actually leaving the house wearing it. It seems kind of silly now that I look back. E

specially because as a kid I loved the look of red lips and remember wearing a very bold lip to a school dance. haha But anyways back to the tip here of being confident... Be confident in the things you do and wear and people will take note and you'll be surprised about how many compliments you receive! ;)

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Classic and Subtle

Something classic and subtle. I don't think anyone can ever go "wrong" pairing a simple and classic wing liner eye look with a bold lip. It's easy going, yet still glamorous! 

We recommend:
Angel Eye Color
Ravishing Ruby Lip Gloss

Black Liquid Liner
Black Mascara


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Bold and Dramatic

Something bold and dramatic. Another way I like to wear a bold red lip is with a classic black smokey eye. ♥

We recommend:
Onyx Eyeliner
Black Mascara
Heart Breaker Eye Pigment
Ravishing Ruby Lip Gloss


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Treasured Look

Something in-between. Again, here is another smokey eye paired with red lips. Only this time I used lighter neutral brown shades. This still offers a slightly more dramatic look that isn't as bold as the black smokey eye.

We recommend:
Cherish Eye Color
Chestnut Eyeliner
Black Mascara
Ravishing Ruby Gloss


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Unlimited Beauty Options

Lastly here is one more idea to show you that wearing a bold lip doesn't have to be limited!  Here I am wearing a more colorful bold eye look (green eye shadow if you can't tell) that I paired with both a neutral lip as well as a bold lip.

We recommend:
Wild Thing Eye Color
Oynx Eye Penci
Pink Passion (Left) and Ravishing Ruby (Right) Lip Gloss

In my opinion any of these ideas for how to wear a bold lip will look great on you! However its really up to you to try them out and decide which one YOU like best on yourself. ♥ Remember to be confident in yourself and your personal style.

Makeup should be fun, so have fun! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful too. I'd also love to hear from you - what are your tips or suggestions for wearing a bold lip? Share your own favorite way to rock a bold lip! And until next time, much love and hugs to you from me! Bye Beauty Babes!! ♥

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