Moody Monthly: June Emotions

This Moody Monthly will give you an inside look at our studio and home life, what we’re working on, what’s leaving and what’s coming to the Moody Sister store. A monthly newsletter for the devoted fans who care about the direction of our consumer led business and want to stay up to date on the ideas. Read more to get a behind the scenes look into the Moody Sister's world.

In the Studio

Moody Sister Whitney lives in Cashmere, WA and Moody Sister Jess lives in Dunnellon, FL. At least once a year the sisters unite for a family and business retreat and this month-- it happened! It was such a fun and exhausting time and we got so much done. The studio was rearranged and we even refined our processes for filling orders. Yay for efficiency! We also met with our friend and maker helper Heather on the lavender farm! It was such an inspiring time and gave us a clear vision for the Moody Sisters skincare line. Thanks Heather for a great Moody day!

Moody Sister daughters

If you didn't know already, our business is owned and operated by family- of all ages. Quinnan (15) is our scent master and helps us create your divine EO blends. Riley (6) helps do promo videos and shipping—so if you ever receive a little note or drawing that looks like a child did it-- that is from her! And Cora (2) mostly helps with quality control by demanding “ip bomb” = Lip Balm on her mouth as well as deodorant on her “arm pips” – good thing everything is natural! We’re thankful that they can be a part of our growing business.

Living so far apart can be difficult, especially on the kiddos. Poor Quinnan had two leeches for the weeks while they visited and the good bye was especially difficult to understand for Riley. We had a good 30 minute sob session. So excuse the excess tears on your tissue paper. As we get back to our normal routine we’re thankful for each order that comes in and keeps us going. We meet each one with excitement and it allows us, and gives us an excuse to travel across country to visit for so long with each other… because after all…. It’s for “work”. ;)

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Say Goodbye

We only take away products that aren’t selling well and we always and try and replace them with something even better. It might not always be the same type of product, but we do extensive research and have our incredible test panel, made up of awesome women like you, tell us what they want us to bring out. With that being said it’s time to say goodbye to a few goodies…

We know you’ll love the NEW sale page with the products separated out by limited edition, sale and closeout. The closeout items are the ones you will want to keep your eye on because that means that once they are sold out- they have no plans to return. So grab them while you can!

There are so many new goodies in the Moody Sisters store that you won’t want to miss any of them! We especially are excited about the new Dead Sea Mud Mask. This luxurious mineral mud and clay mask are sure to be the most deluxe treat that has ever been available in the Moody Sisters Store.

You’ll also be very excited to know that we’ve launched a whole Bath Bomb and Soap Bar collection in your favorite classic and new Moody Sister scents. All products handmade, natural and scented only with essential oils.

New Limited Summer Sampler Bags in THREE themed bags -- Island Spice, Strawberry Lemonade and Mango Peach Madness. These are only made in limited quantities so make sure to jump on these before they are gone!

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Coming Soon

New Whipped Lotion, Bath Bomb Fizzies and Soaps coming to the store too—including NEW essential oil scent blends.

You’ll be seeing some new products roll out over the next few months and you’ll be excited for additional skincare products for your skin type hopefully by the new year! While we work away bit by bit perfecting the Moody product line we hope you enjoy any new changes and products that we bring your way. If you ever have any feedback or suggestions we’d LOVE to hear it. Feel free to email us anytime at

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