I Don't Have Time for this

I don't have time for this crap Moody Sisters Skincare Beauty Guide

Do you ever feel like you’re just running to catch up in the summer? Every weekend planned out to maximize precious sunshine, good weather and kids at home. This week was supposed to be all about illuminating your skin… but instead we’re going to give you the “I don’t have time for this crap” Beauty Guide. The ultimate quick fix and on the go beauty tips for you—the busy woman, because let’s be realistic, you don’t have time for this crap.

Pick a shade and rock it.

Enough with the complex beauty color guides. You don’t have time for a 10 step eye shading contouring guide. Keep it simple and gorgeous. Apply a color that makes a pop and you’ll be sexy in seconds! You'll love the simple look from Maria at Agape Love Designs using just the Treasured Eye Shadow seen left. Easy and glamorous.
And below, this awesome look from Nora at Shalimarcat using just a little sheer Cream foundation, Mysterious Eye Shadow, Peachy Cheek and Pink Gloss. Your color arsenal doesn’t have to be huge to be powerful, incredibly beautiful and simple. Shop Mineral Color

Greasy Hair No More

Ever have a hard time remembering the last day you showered?! Or do you just get greasy fast in the hot summer? Well go from greasy to gorgeous in 60 seconds with Dry Shampoo. Instantly revitalize, volumize and de-shine by gently brushing in this oil absorbing and texturizing powder. You can check out the greatest tutorial video and instructions here, but just dab or sprinkle on greasy areas and brush in. DONE.

Boob Sweat anyone?

Summer can get very hot… and very sweaty. You can find yourself with heat rash, chaffing and unpleasant odors in places you never even paid attention to in the winter. Try using the Powder Deodorant for boob sweat, underwear powder, foot powder or on the go freshening up. For dual cleansing and protection try gently cleansing with Cleansing Spray and follow with the deodorant Powder. Both are safe on smelly kids too!

After Sun/Pool Recovery

Living the summer dream can be rough on your skin. Whether you are tanning, swimming or getting a sun burn—you’ll find your skin dry and in need of replenishing. Depending on your body skin type here’s what we recommend:
Orange Blossom Face Cream or Dry Skin Cream for Dry Skin
Whipped Lotion- for normal skin
Lightweight Moisturizer or Toning Mist {Cucumber & Rose} - for oily skin

You’ll also adore the Toning Mist in the summer months for a cooling, hydrating refresher on face or body!

What are your “I Don’t have time for this crap” Beauty tips?! We’d love to hear them!