The Guide: Eyeliner, Mascara and Remover- OH MY!

The eyes have it this week and you're going to love these tips, tutorials and reviews on all things Moody Sisters eyes. Get the best tips for applying eyeliner, plus mascara hacks to give you the flawless natural eye you've always wanted. Read on and conquer your eye makeup!

Eyeliner Tips for Beginners

  1. Choosing the right color - To get the most natural look for your eyeliner stick with a color that matches your eye brows. Go with brown eyeliner if you have blonde / brown hair. Black liner if you have dark brown to black hair.
    To accent your eye color and make your eyes pop try Sugar Plum.
  2. Soften the lines- The eyeliner takes a minute to dry and set on your skin so take advantage of it. If you get a little crazy with your eyeliner you can gently smudge the line to soften and blend it into submission. Do this right away before the liner sets.
  3. Make Messy Lines - If you wait too long to smudge them or just got really out of control with your eyeliner -- it's okay! Practice makes perfect and don't be scared to make messy lines. Have some cleansing oil on hand, to clean up the lines and either start over, or using a qtip take some of your cleansing oil and thin the eyeliner out.
  4. Apply between the lashes for a natural look - If you don't like the intensity of a eye liner and want a more natural looks, apply your liner from underneath your lashes, in between each lash to give a fuller and darker lash look-- without the large line.
  5. Apply under & over eye shadow - To help set your eyeliner apply before you put on any eye shadow. Then once you apply eye shadow go over your line one more time for a flawless bold line.
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Mascara Tips

  1. For a more dramatic look - Moody Mascara is the ultimate organic and natural lash mascara because you can apply one layer for natural looking lashes or allow to dry and reapply for an even more dramatic look. Allow to dry 1-2 minutes in between layers.
  2. Don't Pump - Pumping your wand in and out of your mascara tube pumps air into the bottle, drying your mascara out. Your mascara tube and wand are meant to give you the perfect amount of mascara on the brush for each application.
  3. Blinking Allowed - For some of us, not blinking is the hardest part when applying mascara. If that's you then use it to your advantage and blink as you apply starting at the base of your lashes and gently moving it up to the tips as you slowly blink.
  4. Mistakes Happen - If you end up with mascara all over- don't fear. Just grab a qtip and makeup remover and fix your goofs.

Cleaning It Up - Makeup Remover

If you want an all natural alternative for your makeup remover, then look no further. This makeup remover is perfect for water resistant and even water proof makeup! We tested it on every Moody Sisters mineral product and they all come off in a flash.

  1. Apply a small amount to a cotton ball.
  2. Allow to sit and break down cosmetics for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Gently wipe 2-3 times to remove.

You'll also love that this makeup remover can remove lip color (stick or gloss!), foundation and cheek color! You'll love having this easy, safe and effective cleanser around the house. Teens love it too.

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