Dry Shampoo 101

This week we are going to dive into the world of Dry Shampoo and tell you everything you need to know about the natural shampoo powder that EVERY mom needs to have. Do you struggle with getting a shower every day? Or even if you do shower do you find yourself with greasy limp hair by midday? Read more about why dry shampoo is perfect for you.

What is Dry Shampoo?

Moody Sisters Dry Shampoo is a powder (NOT aerosol) that you work into your hair to instantly take away grease & shine and add volume. It's the perfect on the go pick me up or morning rush. Made with all natural ingredients featuring arrowroot, colloidal oats, lemon peel powder and other grease absorbing and texturizing ingredients.

How do I use Dry Shampoo?

There are many ways you can apply your dry shampoo depending on personal preference. Each of these ways described are shown in the Moody demo video below and all get the product worked into your greasy areas with ease.

Fingers - You can take a pinch of the dry shampoo and sprinkle it onto your hair or part. Massage it into your hair with your fingers or use a towel and massage hair (like you're drying it) to spread product from your scalp. This method is best for greasy parts or hairlines.

Brush - You can use this method for a little more coverage and precision. Take a jumbo buffer brush and tap into dry shampoo. Tap excess off into lid. Brush into hair line, part or any other area that is greasy. Keep brushing in until dry shampoo is absorbed. This method is good for smaller areas of oil control.

Powder Puff - You can use a large fluffy powder puff applicator to apply a coat over large sections of your hair. Tap the puff into the dry shampoo and lightly tap excess off. Tap your puff onto area of hair that is greasy or needing some volume. Brush product into hair or massage with fingers until it absorbs in. This method is best for limp hair, all over oil control on hair or face or if using for baby powder!

You can watch these dry shampoo demos from Moody Sister Whit & Trisha at Eat Your Beets blog on "How to Use Dry Shampoo". Don't think that dark hair will stop you from using this powder. It will blend and absorb in seconds! Check it out!

Let me Count the Ways I love You

"My name is Libby. I'm a wife and a stay at home mom of two daughters, and I have a TON of super thick hair. All my life I have had to wash my hair every day. If I didn't then it was a horrible greasy mess.

I have tried a couple dry shampoos but they have never worked for the amount of hair I have. I even tried baby powder but it always left a, well, powdered look to my hair no matter what I did. So I just always tried to wash my hair every day so that I could live life.

Well, insert life-changing event called having a baby (and now two!) and washing my hair every day just doesn't happen. Most weeks I only get to wash my hair on Sunday's for church and then usually once on either Wednesday or Thursday. That's just life now.

I have been dying to find a dry shampoo that works, and then I was introduced to this Moody Sisters Dry Shampoo -- and let me tell you, it works! The first time I tried it I just quickly applied some to my scalp as we were running late to spend the weekend with my parents. In the car I told my husband that I had tried the dry shampoo and he responded with "Yeah! It looks great! I was wondering what you did."

The next time I used it is what you see pictured. I hadn't washed my hair in three days and I needed to go grocery shopping. I repeated the process a couple times all over my hair just because I have a ton of it. And again I wasn't disappointed. My hair felt fresh and clean and didn't smell like product. There wasn't a powdered look left to my hair even though it is a white powder substance. And the clean feeling lasted all day and surprisingly even into the next day. Most other dry shampoos wouldn't even last the day with my amount of hair. 

It's super simple to apply. You just use the puff, shake off the extra, dab it around your hair, and then "dry" off with a towel. That's it! 

I love everything about this dry shampoo. It's been a life saver allowing this cabin fevered mom a chance to face the world on days when I'd normally feel too gross to be seen. I highly recommend it, especially any mom that just needs that one more day before she can wash her hair. "