Valentine's Beauty Gift Guide

Valentines Day Simple Beauty Gift and Product Guide

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and whether or not you’re celebrating with a loved one, you’ll want to be sure you grab these gems. These simple handcrafted items will make you feel beautiful and loved, regardless if you’re having a date night or flying solo. Plus, you can enter to win a complete bundle of these beauty and skincare goodies below!

Positively Oakes Headbands Valentines Day Gift Guide

Positively Oakes Head Bands

There are many quick and easy ways to doll up and turn that simple hair style into a cute look. And you can do that with Positively Oakes head bands. These cute top knot bands are stylish, soft and oh-so-easy to go from boring to beautiful. There are so many fabric choices and knot choices for whatever occasion. It gets better, because Jessica the amazing woman behind the store, originally created Positively Oakes with kids headbands and clothing! So not only can you grab all the accessories you want for yourself, but you can grab some adorable headbands and leggings for the little ones too! You’ll want to check out her full store here and enter below to win 2 of your very own headbands.

La Cle Key Jewelry Valentines Day Gift Guide

La Cle’ Jewelry

This Valentine’s Day you can give someone the key to your heart with these hip, colorful key necklaces from Deanna at La Cle’ Jewelry. Their goal is simple, “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good”. You choose the color and key style that represents who you are. It’s such an easy concept and way to adorn yourself with a meaningful, yet beautiful, piece of jewelry. They have all sorts of styles and colors and even a complete color guide about what each color means about your personality. You should check out Deanna’s entire line here and enter to win your very own Key Necklace below!

Girly Bits Nail Polish Valentines Day Gift Guide

Girly Bits Nail Polish

We’ve featured Girly Bits before and we HAD to bring them back for our Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide because what’s more fun, simple and beautiful then sparkly nail polish?! Pam’s polishes are not only incredibly stylish, but they are fun, effective and high quality. She offers such unique and exclusive shades and sparkly options that you’ll be sure to find the perfect color for your special occasion or everyday desire. See her complete line at her store and enter to win your very own bottle below!

Lotus Wei Elixirs Valentines Day Gift Guide

Lotus Wei Elixirs

We’re excited to be partnering with another skincare company because they are so unique. Lotus Wei products are all flower based and they have the most amazing blends of botanical ingredients giving you a one of kind experience. Each elixir, perfume and mist is centered around “Flower Power”—the benefits of different flowers and herbs. We know you’ll feel beautiful with these floral scented products. You can see their complete line each based on specific flowers and moods here and make sure that you enter to win a complete Infinite Love collection below!

Matr Boomie Fair Trade Valentines Day Gift Guide

Matr Boomie Fair Trade Products

We always keep our eyes out for the most beautiful and precious items, on the inside and out. Matr Boomie products have all that and more. Each item is fair trade and handmade by an artisan. We were sent a collection of unique and incredible items from bags to bracelets, but their line doesn’t stop there. They have the most gorgeous scarves, pillows, jewelry and more! All benefiting and empowering impoverished communities, women and families around the world. It can’t get more lovey dovey than that! See their full line of handmade & fair trade gifts and accessories where inspired art meets modern design and enter to win something special from their collection below!

Moody Sisters Tinted Lip Balm Valentines Day Gift Guide

Moody Sisters Skincare Lip Color

There is nothing more sexy than a little lip color to pucker up with. But who has the time to match lipstick colors and spend money on products that won’t be right for you? Well the difference between commercial lipstick and Moody Sisters Tinted Lip Balm is that you don’t have to. These sheer tints hydrate and give you a hint of color without looking fake or over the top. Plus you get the benefits of having the softest silkiest lips for ultimate kissing pleasure. See their full Lip line here and enter below to win your very own pack of Lip Balm below.

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