Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

Moody Sisters Fragrance oils vs essential oils

Why you Need to know the Difference

You may have heard people talk about essential oils vs. fragrance oils or maybe that last phrase was complete jibberish. We’re here to tell you why you should care and why it’s important to know the difference. Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils – Read more about why you NEED to know about these.

You’ll hear many beauty companies talk about their scents or fragrances. But there is one BIG difference when it comes to the smell of your products: how the scent is made. There are two ways—synthetic or natural. Read more below to get all the details.

Synthetic Scent {Fragrance Oils}

What is fragrance

When a scent is made synthetically you’ll see on the ingredients “Fragrance” or “Perfume”. This means that the product, while the rest of the ingredients may be natural or even organic, that the scent or smell is made with, most commonly, a fragrance oil.

How fragrance is made

Fragrance oils or perfumes are made from chemicals. In undiluted form they are very dangerous to inhale or for skin to come into contact with because they are made very potent with a number of caustic ingredients. {Read that, caustic, aka “able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action”}

Fragrance and perfume oils are also often known for containing sometimes over 100 different compounds, many known skin irritants, but due to the complexity of the blends companies are not required to list anything more on the ingredients label besides the simple harmless looking word… “Fragrance” “Perfume”

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Where fragrance is found

Well these two “simple” ingredients have invaded your home and you probably don’t even realize it. Fragrances are commonly in your skincare, color cosmetics {even lipstick people!}, shampoos, cleaning products, dryer sheets, dish soap, scented plug ins or sprays…. Any product that gives off any scent is most commonly made with fragrance.

The effects of fragrance

If “made with caustic ingredients” doesn’t throw you off how about the short and long term health effects that have been noted by fragrance/perfume oils?

“About one in 10 people are estimated to have ongoing allergic reactions to chemical elements in fragrances, but with the increased use of scents—whether it’s an air freshener or scented candle—allergies are on the rise with 55% of Americans testing positive for at least one allergen.

Aside from general irritation, contact dermatitis, which presents as inflamed skin, may also result from an allergy or irritant brought on by perfume. In more severe cases, cosmetic contact dermatitis can trigger eczema, a chronic skin disorder marked by itchy rashes.” - See complete article here by Huffington Post sourced from WebMD

Natural Scent {Essential Oils}

What is natural scent

Now if a scent is made naturally you’ll see common names such as “Lemon Essential Oil” or “Almond Extract”. These are earth derived ingredients that naturally hold a scent. Essential oils are most commonly made by distilling the herbs, fruits or plants. If you want more info on how they are made I love this chart with pictures here from wiki-how.

Now while essential oils can be potent and irritate your skin if undiluted, using them at the appropriate and safe levels does not cause irritation or any short or long term health problems. In fact, many essential oils are known to have beneficial properties and even vitamins for your skin and health.

Moody Sisters Essential Oils

How to use essential oils

Essential oils are a great way to get smelly naturally and safely. We follow a guideline of using 2% on average of oil in a product and in some of our bath and body care up to 4%. We never use undiluted oils topically nor do we ever suggest consuming them. Most products are safe for all ages, but children under 2 years have 10x more sensitive skin so we recommend following this guideline: Safe Essential Oils for Babies. You’ll also see a suggested age range for usage on our product listings with essential oils.

We only trust essential oils for providing safe and natural smells for ourselves and our families.
— Moody Sister Whitney

Benefits of essential oils

Part of the reason we are so passionate about using natural ingredients and fragrance is that we, the Moody Sisters Jess & Whit, are in those fragrance oil statistics. Not only have we both developed dermatitis from exposure and reactions to chemical fragrance, but our allergies have become so severe that contact to fragrance and perfumes has sent Moody Sister Whitney to the emergency room more than once!

So if you’re finding you are having sensitivities to products, mysterious rashes, eczema or skin irritation make sure to check out the products you’re using and steer clear of “fragrance” or “perfume”.

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