A look back at 2015

What happened to 2015?!  It seems like it was gone in a blink of an eye.   I guess I’m having trouble thinking of everything that went on this year, so maybe we’ll take it month by month and see if that will jog my memory!

In January we made some New Year’s Resolutions that I think we stuck to pretty well— this year we’ve tried really hard to plan new products and seasonal items much further in advance.  We realized we were making ourselves crazy trying to create, design, formulate, test, photograph , and market a product in just a couple of months, so we’re trying to plan ahead at least 6 months in advance.  It’s been helping our sanity – well if you can consider our normal states “sanity”.  We get bored easily and love keeping things fresh, so we’re always trying out new scents.  (With that in mind, our 2016 planning session is coming up – if you have any scents or lip balm flavors you can’t live without, let us know by leaving a comment below!)

In February we lost our helper in the studio - she decided to have another baby and he is sooooo cute!  We're so happy for them, but we needed to rework our studio location and shipping area so I flew from my home in Florida to our home base in Cashmere, WA to work with my sis.  It was really great to see my nieces (not through an iPad) for the first time in over a year and it gave Whitney and I a chance to really crank up the productivity while we were in the same state!

March flew by in its typical crazy fashion.  We have a ton of March birthdays in our family – my daughter turned 15 and our mom turned the big 6-0.  Woo-hoo!  I’m sure she’s gonna love the fact that we’re sharing that with all our fans!  Hi mom!

In April we were stoked to release our first Baking Soda Free Cream Deodorant and it was a big hit!  We’ve found that there’s a ton of customers who have sensitivities to Baking Soda, and this deodorant stick really works!   We recently released a second batch in a Citrus scent.

On May the 4th (Star Wars Day!) Whitney’s youngest daughter turned 2.  She is one of the funniest kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I love that I get to FaceTime with her on a regular basis.  She’s a tornado of activity and I can’t believe Whitney’s able to get any work done at all during the day.  LOL

In June my daughter and I travelled to Washington to spend two and a half weeks with the fam.  It was a great trip, but man that cross-country flight can be brutal!

July – OMG I’m old now.  That’s all we’re saying about July.

August marked the release of our new Nourishing Serum.  It’s a miracle worker, and it’s been helping me retain my youthful appearance even though that birthday happened back in July.

In September we were busy little beavers getting ready for the impending holiday season and designing 5, yes count them 5 new products we released in October!  We also found a great chat program for our website, and we try to be available for chats as often as possible.  It’s great way for you to connect with us and ask questions – so check it out sometime!

October brought Restorative Cream and 4 new deluxe Facial Scrubs, oh my!  The Restorative Cream is a larger version of our old Eye Cream recipe, and has been reformulated slightly to be a perfect cream all over face, neck, and chest.  Our facial scrubs have been a big hit, and there’s one that perfect for each skin type or issue!  Also in October, our best helper (and Whitney’s oldest daughter) Riley turned 7 – she’s the coolest 1st grader I know!  Sometimes your packages will have cute little drawings of cats on them, and those are all courtesy of Riley!

November was busy, busy, busy.  Whitney did two shows – and we had our best black Friday event ever! November also marked my second anniversary of moving to Florida.  My daughter, husband and I have been absolutely loving it here – and the only down-side is that it’s so far away from my sister and her family! 

December is Whitney’s birthday month.  She celebrates all month long because her birthday is the 22nd, so it often gets lumped into Christmas…  poor Whit.  We’re going to take some time off over the holidays with our families and then get busy with our 2016 planning session!  We’re so excited about all of the progress we’ve made this year and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of it!

Happy Holidays and Happy 2016 from the Moody Sisters!