Tips for Shipping Gifts

One of my favorite movies of all time is Ace Ventura.  At the beginning of the movie he pretends to be a package delivery driver.  (If you've never seen it, watch this clip!)  Every now and then I get a box delivered in this condition -- and I truly hope the delivery driver at least had some fun with my box before it got to my door! 

Here are a few tips to make sure your items get there safe and sound regardless of how the box looks when it makes it to the door!

Choose the Right Stuffing

You don't want items bouncing around in the box on their way to their destination.  Even items that aren't necessarily breakable can look pretty rough after bouncing around inside a box across the country.  A great stuffing is crumpled newspaper or shredded paper.  You want to make sure you stuff the box enough that you can't hear the items shifting around when the box is closed and shaken.  If you have breakable items, you'll probably want to use some foam peanuts.  You can get biodegradable peanuts, or you can reuse peanuts from packages you've received.  A tip that we used when we were growing up and packing up pottery for my parent's business growing up was to over-stuff the box just slightly to make sure your stuffing stays around your items and don't shift in transit.

Size Matters

You want to make sure that there is at least one inch of stuffing on each side of your item (so when it's drop-kicked by the delivery driver, it's the stuffing that is crumpled and not your gift!).  

Flat Rate Rules

If you can fit your item in a flat rate box from USPS there are some great features -- the package is sent priority so it gets there faster and the contents are insured up to $50.  You can also have the USPS packages picked up at your front door to avoid the post office!
You can check out the info here!

Buy Quality Tape

Invest a few bucks in some good packing tape - you want the box to be as sturdy as possible, and you don't want to be using masking tape or scotch tape on these important boxes!

Don't Delay!

Every delivery service is slammed during the busy holiday season, so make sure that you send items at least a week before you'd normally ship it.  

Screw it...

If shipping gifts seems too daunting, let someone do it for you!  You can order all of your holiday gifts with Moody Sisters and have them shipped directly to your friends & family. We'll do the packaging and shipping for you, because we do it everyday and we know how to make sure it arrives on time and in one piece.