6 Lip Saving Tips

Do you ever feel like Larry who loves his lips? Do you too, have a deep rooted fear that they will leave you because you neglect them? “If my lips ever left my mouth, packed a bag and headed south, that'd be too bad, I'd be so sad." You can use these 6 tips to make sure that your lips never say “adios!”.

Problem: Rough or Flaky Lips

Fix: Exfoliation / Scrub

Do you find yourself biting your lips? How about when you put on lip color- does the color clump in creases or dead skin? If you have issues with rough, flaky lips then you are in need of lip exfoliation. Here are 3 ways you can turn those rough lips into silky and sensual.

1. Gently scrub with a washcloth to remove excess skin in the shower. Make sure to follow up with a lip balm. This isn’t the most effective, because a wash cloth can’t finely scrub, but it’s definitely an easy step you can do every day in the shower to keep those lips soft and smooth until you get a proper lip scrub.

2. Use a facial sugar scrub. When you’re scrubbing your face you can scrub your lips at the same time to remove excess skin and rough areas. Your facial scrub won’t have fine micro exfoliants to properly exfoliate your lips, but it will still work for dual purpose and regular maintenance. You can find your very own facial scrub here.

3. Use a lip scrub. This is the best option for scrubbing off dead rough skin on your lips and immediately improving the texture. Lip scrubs are made with fine exfoliating ingredients to help remove all excess dead skin cells. Plus, the Moody Lip Scrub contains butters and oils to help nourish and hydrate. You can find your lip scrub here.

Problem: Chapped Lips

Fix: Hydration & Protection

Lip Fact: Did you know that lips also lack natural protective oil? No sweat glands and no oil equates to vulnerability. This implies that lips are highly exposed to cold, wind and sun. The only way to protect the lips from these natural elements is to use some kind of lip balm.

4. Hydrate your lips by staying hydrated. The biggest way to keep your lips luscious is by making sure you drink enough water during the day. This needs to be the first thing you start doing when your lips are chapped- drink more water!

5. Stop licking! While it may feel better temporarily, salvia actually makes your lips more chapped.

6. Apply lip balm. Since your lips do not have natural oils, like the rest of your body does, they are very exposed and easily dried out. Apply lip balm whenever you go outside or have the urge to lick! It’s okay to reapply. It doesn’t mean it’s not working, it just means your lips are getting a lot of use. You can find lip balm here.

MYTH: You can get addicted to lip balm. There are some ingredients which provide immediate relief, but then dry out your lips even more in the long run, making you reapply more and harm your lips. “America News Now spoke to dermatologist Gary Slaughter, who found camphor, phenol and menthol were the ingredients in bad lip balm. When you spread it on it seems to soothe at first, but quickly dries up and requires reapplication. Additionally, OL (which indicates alcohol) and salicylic acid are two more ingredients that may cause some people irritation. Look for these ingredients before buying.”

You won’t get addicted to Moody Lip Balm because our ingredients are drying your lips out. You’ll be addicted to Moody Sisters Lip Balm because your lips will be in heaven and you’ve never tried anything so hydrating that made your lips so silky and luscious. SHOP FOR LIP BALM NOW

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