All Mommy wants is a silent night.


'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...

Mom and Dad were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Here's a last minute to-do list compliments of Moody Sister Jess:

#1  Put the kids to bed early so you can get this list done

If your kids are young enough, they'll believe just about anything.  Tell them Santa won't come unless they're in bed at 6 pm -- they don't know any better and if you're lucky they can't even tell time yet!  If the kids are a little bit older, you might have to get creative.  I'm not saying you should knock them out with some Nyquil, I'm just saying you might have to get creative.  Make sure they leave cookies out for Santa, you're going to want a snack later!
PRO TIP:  A little bit of lavender Mood Enhancer rolled onto their pillow cases will help relax and soothe the little monsters.

#2  Open a bottle of alcohol

Wine is a good choice, but this is Christmas we're talking about.  Don't be afraid to break out the hard stuff.  In-laws visiting, kids have been running around all hopped up on cookies and candy canes, stockings to stuff, tons of gifts that still need to be wrapped (and possibly assembled)...need I say more?  My personal favorite is Peppermint Schnapps in Hot Cocoa for a scrumptious holiday treat!  
PRO TIP:  A candy cane hanging off the mug can help disguise your minty alcohol breath.

#3  Stock the stuffings

Now that you're nice and toasted, time to stock those stuffings!  Err... stuff those stockings!  You might be like me, and start out by wrapping each individual little gift with paper and a bow, then realize you've got too many little things to fit in the stocking so you finally give up on wrapping them and just start shoving them in like you're stuffing a turkey.  It's at this point you typically begin to question why you give in to such materialism every holiday season, so it's also a good time to pour another drink.

#4  Some assembly required

If you've been stupid enough to buy a gift with "Some Assembly Required", you might as well put the "12 Days of Christmas" song on repeat cause you're about to enter Holiday Hell.  If you've ever tried to put together Barbie's playhouse at 2 am trying to read instructions in Chinese you know what I mean.

#5  Wrap the rest of the gifts

Each year is the same for me, the first few gifts are perfectly wrapped with straight little folds and a pretty bow.  By the end, they're just a ball of paper closed up with a piece of duct tape because you ran out of scotch tape three presents ago.  Oh, and WHY ON EARTH DO THEY STILL MAKES ITEMS IN ODDLY SHAPED PACKAGES?  I feel like at this point in human evolution everything should be in a square box.  Have you ever tried to wrap a basket ball?!  Not gonna lie, gift bags come in real handy at 3 am on Christmas Eve.  
PRO TIP:   Make sure you have a bag of those self-sticking bows.  Gifts you give up on wrapping get a couple of those and are suddenly from "Santa".   

#6  Remember to eat Santa's cookies

Mmmmmm... dunking cookies in my schnapps and cocoa....

#7  Get the coffee pot ready, 5 am comes early

So you've finally assembled gifts, stuffed stockings, wrapped gifts, drank a bottle or two of schnapps and you're passing out around 3:30 am, but you better make sure the Christmas tree is lit and the coffee pot is ready to go!  If you didn't resort to using Nyquil (again, I'm not recommending it, but... it's so tempting isn't it?!) those kids will be UP and EXCITED for gift opening, and it will probably be well before dawn.  
PRO TIP:  Make sure you're the one taking all of the gift-opening pictures so those massive bags under your eyes don't make it onto Facebook for the rest of eternity.

#8  Remember...

Remember... your holiday doesn't have to be perfect.  Norman Rockwell isn't going to be painting your living room.  The tree doesn't need the perfect ratio of lights and ornaments, and the gifts don't have to be large and plentiful.  You just need your family around you in order to have the perfect day.  

May your holiday be filled with laughter and love!

Moody Sister Jess