How to Make a Cat Eye

If you’re like me (and anyone else who’s not a professional makeup artist) a cateye is one of the trickiest makeup looks to do. But with a steady hand, good products, and these four steps you’ll be sure to accomplish this look anytime!

First you’ll need to have a quality liquid eyeliner. A favorite of mine is the Moody Sister Gel Eyeliner. It has a long wand that helps with drawing, a precise felt tip, and the formula stays all day long on my oily eyelids.

Before you begin always have a game plan for exactly what kind of cateye you’re trying to accomplish. Check out sites like Pinterest or Google Images to get inspiration and an idea for what you’re trying to create.



To begin drawing a cateye I place down a piece of scotch tape that follows the angle of my lower lash line. Make sure to press down the edges of the tape to make sure no liquid will get under it. You could also substitute a thick piece of paper if you don’t want to pull on your skin. This trick ensures you won’t get uneven edges when drawing.   


Begin drawing the end point of the cateye to the outer point of your eye. A good place to start your end point is where your crease is or a little after the crease like I did in the photo.


Draw out that line across your lid. Make sure to get as close to the lash line as possible. For a more natural look only bring it out to the center of your eyelid.


Build up the thickness of your cateye by thickening the middle of it first. Build it up to where you’d like it and make sure to avoid drawing on the ends of the cateye.

And voila! A cateye is the perfect way to create a more sexy, dramatic look. It lifts the face, gives the look of a thicker lash line, and honestly makes me feel more confident. Try this look today!

TIP: Fill in the eye with your favorite eye color to create an even more dramatic look. {This look was created with the Moody Eye Loose Sparkle pigment Majestic.

Tiffany owns and writes for Delicate Spectacle, a green beauty blog with a fresh, edgy approach made for the modern woman who is both health-conscious and in tune with the latest trends. Professionally a graphic designer, Tiffany resides in Chicago and is currently obsessed with finding the perfect burger.

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