9 Ways to Have a Green Halloween

Go Green This Halloween

Haunted by ghosts of not-so-green Halloween pasts? Never fear — follow these tips for an eco-friendly holiday.

·         Scare up some spooky snacks. Serve up healthier cupcakes by adding in canned pumpkin puree and vanilla yogurt. Top them off with icing made from light cream cheese, milk and a dash of vanilla. The trick — your kids will never suspect these tasty treats are good for them!

·         Swap out the treats. We all remember the house down the street that used to pass out toothbrushes (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But you can go candy-free and still have little goblins ringing your doorbell. Pass out snack-sized bags of cheddar crackers or organic fruit snacks. Or get artsy with fun Halloween stickers and pencils.

·         Make like Frankenstein and create your own monster makeup. Skip the lead-laden store-bought face paint and whip up a batch of your own.  All is you need is face lotion, cornstarch and some natural food coloring. Depending on the consistency, you may want to add a little vegetable oil.

·         Think outside the big box stores. Get creative with the costumes. See what you can find at the thrift store ( e.g., bell bottoms and tie-dye) or play off puns. For example, tape a sign that says “Ceiling” to your shirt and carry some pom-poms. And voilà! You’re a ceiling fan.

·         Make a deal with the Halloween fairy. Let your kids pick out their favorite pieces of candy and offer the rest to the sugar-crazed Halloween fairy. She just may leave a fun surprise behind as a thank-you!

·         Upgrade the treat bag. Forget the plastic bags and give your kids reusable grocery bags to haul home their loot in. Or buy some fabric bags and decorate them with Halloween stencils.

·         Don’t be an energy vampire. Put up LED lights to lead the way to your front door. Bonus: you’ll get to enjoy them all year!

·         Save the seeds. Don’t toss the seeds from your Jack-o-lantern! Separate them out from the pumpkin guts and toast them in the oven for a yummy and nutritious snack.

·         Get crafty with the kids. Decorate empty baby food jars or mason jars by gluing on tissue paper and googly eyes. Then add a battery-powered candle for a ghostly luminary that will light up the night.

And if you need any more reasons to buy Moody Sisters, then add it to this list as another way to go green! *wink*