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moody sisters dry skin cream for eczema
moody sisters skincare eczema cream
Original Dry Skin Cream
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Do you ever struggle with chapped skin? How about itchy dry skin? Flakiness? Red, irritated skin? Do your kids get rashes or lick their lips so much that the skin around their mouth becomes inflamed? Do your husband’s hands get rough and dry? Does the baby in the house have diaper rash?! Okay. Enough. This is our all-purpose-solve-all-your-skin-problems-best-cream-in-the-world. And you HAVE to see what it can do.

The Story Behind the Product

Moody Sister Whitney has dry sensitive skin due to her atopic dermatitis. She passed this moody skin to her daughter who has eczema. The Moody Sisters wanted to create a natural cream to soothe and hydrate the most damaged and irritated skin while being safe for babies. Thus, the rich all natural Dry Skin Cream was hand crafted into being. It remains one of our best selling items since our little organic shop began.

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What It’s Made Of

Safflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Green Tea Hydrosol Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Cocoa Butter, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Vitamin E Acetate, Propanediol (and) ethylhexyl glycerin (and) potassium sorbate, Borax, Essential Oils (see scent below)

Some of the Many Uses

  • Dry Cracked Skin
  • Hand Cream
  • Chapped Knuckles
  • Chapped Lips/Face
  • Rashes
  • Diaper Rash
  • Foot Cream
  • Intense Nighttime Facial Moisturizer
  • All over Body Cream for extremely dry or sensitive skin
  • After Shaving Moisture
  • Cradle Cap Lotion

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How to Use It

Open up this jar of the Moody Sister's fluffy, rich emollient Dry Skin Cream that melts on your skin and hydrates intense dry chapped skin. Use this lotion on your face or body wherever you need natural soothing relief.

Moody Sister Tip: Any scent of this hydrating dry skin cream is safe to use on your face and body, but we have pure essential oil blends meant to help various skin problems.

What Fans are Saying

I have used this dry skin cream for myself on my dry cracked feet, for my daughter on her sensitive skin when it got dry in the winter, and my husband uses it on his face when shaving makes him a little dry. It has so many uses, feels and smells amazing. the whole family will love it- plus- it is natural which gives me peace of mind.
— Bonnye S.
After moving to Nebraska and colder dryer weather than what I’m used to, the tops of my wrists started getting dry, cracked and actually hurt when I moved and stretched my wrist out too far! This was new to me so I tried a bunch of different moisturizers I had at home, even combined some, but then I received a sample of this that I tried out.
I applied a small amount (a little goes a long way with this dry skin cream!) every few hours, including after washing hands or showering. Within one day of doing this, I started seeing results and my husband was equally as amazed as I was. Ever since then, he knows that this dry skin cream is a staple that goes with me, literally, wherever I go in the house.
— Dorene R.
I love this cream for the winter time. Works great without feeling greasy. I use it on my son who is African and nothing beats this cream to keep his skin from looking dry and cracked. I even use it on his diaper rash and it works great. It’s also nice on my feet when they are dry and cracked. Love this lotion!!
— Carrie P.