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It’s that time of year to pull out the stops to combat cold weather and winter blues. And we’re here to tell you just how to do that. Grab a warm mug of deliciousness and curl up on the couch for a one woman snuggle party. We’re here to tell you about the delicious must have winter goodies you need to grab in our Winter’s Best: Coffee & Tea Edition-- Guide & Giveaway!

Printable Wisdom Custom Designs

1.      Mugs by Printable Wisdom You can’t have that one woman snuggle party without a mug to put your warm drink in. I was delighted when I found these incredible custom mugs from Printable Wisdom. Ashley started creating art and prints custom for her family and friends and it grew into an awesome baby empire of delightful, fun and beautiful things. She sells stationary, prints, mugs, invitations and more and the calligraphy font scripts are all to-die-for. Each piece has its own story and presence. You have got to do yourself a favor and checkout her complete line and then enter below to win your very own mug from Ashley at Printable Wisdom!

Twysted Thystle Herbal Loose Tea

2.       Tea from Twysted Thystle I have been on a search for the perfect small company selling delicious blends of herbal tea and I couldn’t have been more happy than to find the groovy Twysted Thystle. Handmade, artisan, vegan, organic, herbal tea blends that will sooth and heal your soul from the inside out. Deborah and her family specialize in aromatherapy and herbal products for your body. They have these delicious and totally beautiful tins of loose tea blends for kids, flu and cold, stress and more! Run, don’t walk, to grab your tea here and make sure to enter below to win your very own box!

Stamped Frosting Tea Infusers

3.       Tea Infuser by Stamped Frosting Hand stamping has been becoming quite trendy lately for jewelry, but I just about fell over when I saw these incredible and beautiful hand stamped heart shaped tea infusers. Each piece is stainless steel and can be customized with whatever you want. Melinda creates these amazing infusers, spoons and jewelry and each one is hand crafted to perfection. You could get a set of infusers and spoons and have your own adult tea parties or if you’d prefer just grab one for yourself for the ultimate book reading party. You’ll feel so special and loved by each creation that you’ll want to check out her full shop and enter below to enter your own stamped tea infuser below!

Herbal Revolution Elixir

4.       Elixir by Herbal Revolution There are many benefits to herbal tea, but you can up the ante with Katheryn from Herbal Revolution. She has studied herbal medicine for years and hand crafts, in small batches, elixirs and tinctures. Add a few drops of this power packed liquid to your cup of tea and enjoy the natural benefits of some of earth’s finest ingredients.  You won’t be disappointed with these blends of herbs and extracts that she hand picks, grows and creates herself. You can see her full line of elixirs including: Elderberry, Ginger & Honey and more or enter to win your very own below!

Plush Puff Gourmet Marshmallows

5.       Gourmet Marshmallows by Plush Puff For those coffee or hot cocoa lovers, we have a treat for you as well. We present to you, Plush Puffs: Gourmet flavored marshmallows for your ultimate enjoyment this winter. You can snack on them, roast them or simply pop them into your favorite drink for your melty gooey pleasure. They have a wide variety of flavors of their hand crafted marshmallows from vanilla bean, toasted coconut, caramel swirl and MORE. Can you imagine these in S’mores?! You can see Ann’s, the mom behind the business, complete line here or enter below to win your very own pack of Mochaccino marshmallows!

Ocho Candy Bars

6.       Candy Bars by OCHO Now of course no one woman snuggle party is complete without chocolate. But this isn’t any ordinary chocolate. This is organic, preservative, additive and artificial ingredient free chocolate. Delicious, small batched candy bars just for you and your family. They provide smaller portions for my lack of self control, but it’s also a great size for kids too. I appreciate every step they have taken to offer such a quality treat for me and my family! They have a variety of flavors from caramel, coconut, peanut butter, mocha and more! Check out their full line here and enter to win 2 bars of your very own below.

coffee body butter

7.       Coffee Body Butter by Moody Sisters The day wouldn’t be complete without a little Moody Sisters in your life or slathered on your body. For a one woman party we bring you Coffee Body Butter. The magic butter that helps turn your cottage cheese into silky brie. And if you’re not worried about those problematic thigh and butt areas, then we bring this to you for your coffee addiction. This silky butter is made with fair trade coffee infused oil and skin loving butters and sweetened up with pure orange and vanilla essential oils for the most decadent and delightful treat for your body. Shop the full body care line here and enter below to win your very own Coffee Butter below! *New email subscribers also get 10% off their first purchase!

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