4th of July Sparkle Beauty Guide

4th of july sparkle beauty guide

It’s that time of the year where all things sparkly, red, white and blue appear. I adore sparkles and Handmade in the USA  so I am so excited to share with you this 4th of July Sparkle: Beauty Guide.  Plus each company is giving away a sparkly prize so read about these fantastic companies in the USA and enter below to win!

jamberry nail wraps

Nail Wraps from Jamberry. You may have heard of nail wraps, but have you tried them? I’m not a big nail person, but I do like my tootsies painted year round. My 5 year old daughter loves all sorts of colors and patterns. So when I heard about nail wraps, the durability and color/pattern options- I jumped on the bandwagon.  I may not have the time to sit down and do them every couple weeks, but I will definitely be looking forward to that special mommy pampering time. I mean, mommy/daughter time....The designs are so cute I couldn’t help but snatch up 4 sets and I want a lot more! They are so quality and easy to apply and they look ridiculously adorable. You HAVE to at least try them! Hop over to Shaana’s Jamberry Nail Wrap store to see all the cute designs or book a party to earn freebies. Enter below to win your very own sheet of nail wraps!

brenda mcgowan jewelry

Necklace from Brenda McGowan Jewelry. When I think about sparkles—I think jewelry. I don't wear it too often due to metal allergies {oy vey}, but hands down, this jewelry is my favorite. Brenda's a local artist and I just love her style. It's so down to earth adorable. The wire wrappings and the beautiful sparkly stones make each piece unique. When you see them you just know, this was made special for me. I feel like that is how jewelry should speak to us! She has the most gorgeous line of necklaces and earrings that you can see here. She is also giving away this pair of earrings! Enter below!

moody sisters bronzing body butter

Moody Sisters Bronzing Butter. What’s more sparkly then sparkly bronzing body butter?! Use our Bronzing Body Butter for a soft sun-kissed glow and shimmer! Our shea butter blend will keep your skin luscious and soft. This butter is lightly scented with Cocoa Butter and Vanilla essential oils so you smell like a luxurious dessert. Lightly colored with a hint of shimmer to turn you into a bronzed and beautiful sun goddess.  It's like a shimmering sunset in a bottle! Shop Body Care now!

janet whatman designs

Glittered Décor from Janet Whatman Designs. I know this is a beauty guide… but I saw these sparkly votives I wrote Janet to see if she would be a part of our Sparkly Feature and she said "yes!". I am a big fan of glittery things…. I’d have sparkles all over the house if my husband didn’t loathe them. So these simple, cute jars are the perfect addition that I can have on a shelf or corner of the kitchen for my own personal enjoyment. If you are getting married I can only IMAGINE how incredibly gorgeous they would be as centerpieces for tables! Or how about your own centerpiece (inside or outside)! She has a bunch of sparkly vases too so check out her full store here or enter to win two of your own votives below.

love me knots hair bands

Hair Bands from Love Me Knot. I am definitely a hair tie kind of gal. Most days I throw my hair up in a pony... and most days I wish I had something other than my 5 year old’s My Little Pony Hair ties to use. A simple, quick pony or bun tied up with an adorable band would give the appearance that I actually have time and care about my appearance…despite the other obvious factors such as sweat pants and a baby food stained shirt. All that to say these ADORABLE bands are a must have for your beauty drawer. USA made with cute fabrics, colors or SPARKLES?! Yes, please. They make affordable and fashionable pony ties, head bands and more! Check out their full line at their store or win your very own sparkly set by entering below!