The Beautiful Messes of Being a Mom

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A stove fire, smoke alarm, runaway dog and toddler all with a 25 Ib baby in my arms. That sums up my night. I’d like to say that this sort of chaos is a rare occurrence, but I’m a mom and this is real life. It’s not pretty, not perfect and in no sort of fashion is it what most would call “under control”. Despite the events that took place that night, that could have easily won a funniest home video contest, I wouldn’t trade it for any other.

You see that night the hubby was out so I had the simple task of getting dinner pulled together, watching the girls and getting them in bed. But you see there is no such thing as “Simple task” with kids. I think of the comedian Michael McIntyre and his sketch on what it’s like having kids truly sums it up. “Things that you don’t even consider to be things will become nearly impossible.”  {If you are a parent YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS! You’ll die laughing… Just a warning there is some swearing}

So the 5 year old was outside playing in the front yard with her neighbor friend. I was holding the 1 year old who just woke up cranky from her nap. I started to boil water for dinner and knew that this would be a lot easier with two hands. So I went to the door to convince the 5 year old to walk around with her sister instead of play with her friend.

As I began talking with big sister she looks into the kitchen and screams, “MOM! There’s a fire!”  If you know said big sister you’d know she tends to exaggerate.  So I calmly replied, “No there is not a fire… “ I glanced over to the kitchen, “the water is just boiling overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrOH MY GOSH There IS a FIRE!”

The flames were up and over the pot! In only a few seconds-- I rushed over, baby in one arm, trying to remove the flaming pot and turn off the oven. The fire alarm promptly started screaming at me, which triggered my 5 year old running and screaming down the block, “THERE’S A FIRE IN OUR HOUSE!!!!” and our noise anxious border collie to bolt out the door, running to nowhere, as fast as she could.

The fire went out by itself and I was even able to wrangle the child and dog inside in a matter of minutes. Whew. Crisis averted. All I could do was laugh. The whole scene was comedic. But this is my life, because I have kids, and there are no such things as “simple tasks”.  But I also would trade it for anything!

Having kids been the hardest, most tiring, most frustrating experience in my life, but it’s also been the most rewarding. My kids have taught me more about myself than any other being, creature, job or event that I’ve had in my life. They’ve taught me love, patience and grace. They’ve taught me to let go of myself and just have fun. The pure joy from their hearts is so special and you’ll never get it any other way.

The snuggles will melt your heart and their cute little lips telling you that they love you will carry your spirit for weeks.

Real Life is full of making stories, relationships and memories and that’s what I get the honor of doing every day. No, it’s not easy, pretty, organized, restful or predictable, but there is so much beauty in the mess of being a mom.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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