Mother's Day Gift Guide

mothers day gift guide

Mother's Day is a chance to honor the women who've made an impact in your life. Often, that may be your biological or adopted mom, but it can be other people as well: God mothers, friends, aunts, or grandmas. Many people can make a difference in your life in a motherly way.

So to all you "moms" we salute you: for taking time and dedicating your lives to loving, nurturing, caring, protecting and guiding others. You ask for nothing in return, but this day is set aside to honor you, so I'm so excited to share with you the best and most adorable gifts you should receive (hint, hint, children or hubbies).

And if lobbying to your family is a lost cause, don't worry, because you can WIN a product by entering the Mother's Day Giveaway below!  *Each entrant will also receive a special coupon to pamper yourselves, in case you aren't one of the 4 winners.

emily mcdowell cards

1. Handmade Cards by Emily McDowell. You can spend $5 on a hallmark card or you can buy a handmade one on etsy! I absolutely love these fun and humorous cards. You really can't beat supporting an artist for the same price or the fact that these cards are more unique then anything you're going to find. If you already have a Mother's Day card then make sure to favorite this store for other holidays! Father's day is coming up!

moody sisters limited edition mothers day

2. Moody Sister's Gift Sets There are a few things in life that I want on Mother's Day: sleeping in, chocolate and a pedicure. Well you can make at least one of those possible with gift sets! Nothing says I love you more then cute packaging and handmade natural products to pamper. Grab your Moody Sister Gift Sets here.

crutchfield pottery dinnerware set

3. Handmade Pottery by Crutchfield Pottery. I am Crutchfield Pottery's #1 Fan. I will not buy any other. I own a full dinnerware set, spoon rests, spoon jars, coffee mugs, mixing bowls and a gravy boat. It's all handmade with custom glazes and it's all INCREDIBLE. The glazes are to-die-for, but the quality is incomparable. It's sturdy and the mugs keep things colder or hotter longer, because it's all ceramic. I get so many compliments from guests and it has become quite the showcase in my kitchen. Next, I want their pitcher for lemonade and tea in the summer! But if you haven't experienced Crutchfield Pottery, I suggest starting with some coffee mugs -- they will change your life. Check out their full store on etsy, favorite them and make sure you enter to win your very own Crutchfield Pottery Mug below!

secret chocolatier cake in jar

4. Chocolate from the Secret Chocolatier. I may have an I was excited to find a fellow opensky company that sells incredibly delicious chocolate and even more excited to find out that they are a small family business. Two of my favorite things, chocolate and family! They have the most decadent truffles and caramels... but then I saw the cakes in a jar! It's like the Ben & Jerry's of cake! The perfect size to eat in one sitting or sneak bites throughout the week while hiding in your fridge. Yummo. Their prices are so affordable too and my tastebuds really appreciate that because they want more. You can see their full line of deliciousness here and they are having some pretty awesome Mother's Day specials. They will also be giving one lucky winner 2 Cakes in a Jar! So make sure to enter below!

brenda mcgowan jewelry

5. Handmade Jewelry by Brenda McGowan. I just love jewelry. I don't wear it too often due to metal allergies {oy vey}, but hands down, this jewelry is my favorite. Brenda's a local artist and I just love her style. It's so down to earth adorable. The wire wrappings and the beautiful stones make each piece unique. When you see them you just know, this was made special for me. I feel like that is how jewelry should speak to us! She has the most gorgeous line of necklaces and earrings that you can see here. She is also giving away this pair of earrings! Enter below!