Forge Your Own Path

forge your own path

As I'm sitting here writing this, I have a huge grin on my face.  It's just a normal day in Florida, hot and a little humid (it's only April), but there are birds singing and squirrels jumping through the trees and now I hear another cicada buzzing.  

It's been almost 6 months since we sold everything we owned and drove across the country in search of a new adventure.  We didn't have anything planned.  No place to live, no jobs lined up-- we just had some money in the bank and a desire for something new.  

It had some challenging moments, but in hindsight the whole move was pretty easy.  In fact, there was only one REAL obstacle we faced and I'm going to share it with you.
If you've ever thought "oh I'd love to do that someday" or "I wish I lived there" or "I wish I could do __ for a living", I am here to tell you that you can do it, and there's only thing you need to do:  STOP LISTENING.

Moody Sister Jess going crazy on their road trip across the country.

Moody Sister Jess going crazy on their road trip across the country.

First, stop listening to that voice in your head telling you that you can't.  Then, stop listening to all the people in your life that think they know what's best for you.  They don't.  Forge your own path and I promise you will not regret it.

Our family had decided about a year and a half ago that we wanted to move to Florida from our native Washington state.  It was a big move, and granted we didn't really research it much.  We just knew that it had all of the things we love:  beaches, ocean, theme parks, sun and fun.  We knew our plan was a little crazy, but to be honest we were really needing a little crazy in our lives to break us free from the rut we were in.  

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at all of the negative comments we got -- but I truly was.  This was something we were excited about, and not very many people were excited for us!  If we had listened to even one of our own doubts, or any of the "advice" we were given for a whole year, we would not have been brave enough to follow our dreams.

florida alligators

Here's some of the "advice" we got:
1.  You'll get eaten by alligators.
2.  You'll get eaten by sharks.
3.  The bugs are bigger than cars there.
4.  It's the humidity that will kill you.
5.  You're going be blown away by a hurricane or hit by lightning.
6.  Sinkholes will devour your house while you sleep.
7.  Global warming is going to put all of Florida underwater.
8.  You don't know anyone there.
9.  You'll never find a job there.
or my personal favorite:
10.  You'll be back!

Now let me just answer #1-6 like this:  everywhere you live in this world has wildlife that can harm you, natural disasters and potentially damaging weather.  There is good and bad, yin and yang, dark and light in every aspect of life.  Are you going to focus so much on the bad in things that you cannot see the good?  Are you going to judge something or someone new based on all of those negatives without giving credit for the positives?

#7 is an interesting one.  I've always loved water...maybe if that happens I can grow gills like Kevin Costner had in Waterworld.  No really-- the world will end one day, and it might be in our lifetimes or it might be in a million years, but I'm not going to stop living now.  We are never guaranteed a tomorrow, so live the way you want to live today.

#8 - No we didn't, but we do now!  What harm can come from putting yourself out there and meeting a new group of people or experiencing a different lifestyle?  Besides, with all of the marvels of modern technology we can video chat with family, and stay connected to everyone that we do know.

#9 - Where there's a will, there's a way.

#10 - NO!  Okay, we'll be back... to visit.  Honestly this experience has been so exhilarating -- if we ever got tired of living here we would do this all again and experience somewhere new.  (Maybe we'll have colonies on Mars by then!)

I guess if you take away anything from my ramblings, just let it be this:  Carpe Diem.
I know I am.

moody sister jess
Moody Sister Jess with her family in Florida: Husband Peyton and daughter Quinnan.

Moody Sister Jess with her family in Florida: Husband Peyton and daughter Quinnan.