Keep Your Baby’s Bottom Green

There are so many joys found in parenthood: holding those soft baby hands, hearing the innocent belly giggles, and having a front row seat to see each conquered milestone. However, I think we can all agree that diaper duty is NOT one of those joys. If only children came out of the womb potty trained. That way the messy, eight-times-a-day job would disappear completely! Oh, and your house may smell better too. With the necessary diaper changes comes many decisions: Pampers? Luvs? Huggies? Or, possibly an alternative method—cloth diapering!

During the month of April we celebrate Earth Day and practice environmental awareness. One of these practices could be introducing your baby to cloth diapers! I’m here to give a brief overview of what you will need and what the process looks like to those newbies hesitant to jump on board. 

Research: It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by the research out there. I know I was! There seems to be so much information that I thought for sure this would be a trial and error process. In some ways it is, however, I found that a diaper is a diaper, and all the ones I received or was given have done their job! This website briefly answers some questions you may have and dispels myths of cloth diapering, in addition to answering the questions about cost. It’s a good place to start!

Purchasing: Depending on how many times you want to do laundry, you will need enough diaper covers and inserts to last a couple days. For us, that’s about 16 covers (and my daughter pees like a race horse and requires about two inserts per diaper). My SIL, who got me started on cloth diapering, gave great advice to buy a cover and inserts each month before your baby’s arrival in place of when you would buy a pack of disposables. If you are okay with daily washings, you may require less!

cloth diaper guide

Here is a great link that rates different types of cloth diapers to help you choose what’s best for your little one.

Cleaning/Drying: After each use, you will toss the diaper into a diaper pail or wet bag. (A wet bag is also something you will need for the diaper bag to store dirty diapers on-the-go.) There are also sprayers you can attach to the toilet to help rinse the diapers before washing. Once you’ve gone through half the diapers in your assortment, it’s time for laundry! Take the inserts out of the covers and toss them into the laundry all together. Wash with warm/hot water and when it’s time to dry, hang the covers and wet bag on a drying rack and go ahead and toss the inserts into the dryer. It’s as simple as that! Tip: Once a month we clean out our washer with white vinegar, bleach and run hot water through the washer. 

Here’s a little guide on cleaning your washing machine: 

Remember: Living the “green life” has its rewards. This not only improves our environment but saves us money in the long run! It’s worth the little extra effort and the Earth will thank you! :)

Moody Sister Tip

You can use our dry skin cream, which is safe for using with cloth diapers, as the most incredible diaper rash cream! Our dry skin cream was originally created for Whitney's daughter's baby bottom and it works like a charm!