Valentine's Gift Guide


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Here’s Moody Sister Whitney’s must-shop earth friendly gift guide this holiday. All these items are ecofriendly and either handmade in the U.S.A or fair-trade using earth friendly ingredients. All of these stores I have personally bought from myself so this isn’t a guessing game on the quality. If you shop from this list you’re definitely getting good for you and good for the earth products for your body, home and family. So jump into sexy-lovey-dovey mode and see what we recommend this Valentine’s Day.

1.       Red Twist Headband. I love these headbands. They are so cute and easy to wear and really make me feel cute and dressed up—even when I haven’t had time to brush my teeth or take a shower. They are the perfect handmade gift for yourself or your daughter (that’s how hip and trendy they are!). And remember buying things for yourself is okay; because it’s important to be confident in how beautiful and sexy you really are! And this cute headband is a quick, easy natural beauty fix for bed-head days. I like this handmade shop on etsy: Evergreen Garden.

2. Paper Bead Jewelry. I'll be honest. I don't wear jewelry a lot. I have weird metal allergies so I can't wear earrings and while I love the concept of adorning my body with beautiful sparkly things the reality is I have kids that like to grab and chew. Teething and jewelry don't mix. Despite that, there is one item in my drawer that I find myself wearing because it's fun, colorful and supports a cause I believe in. This jewelry is "hand-rolled by Nicaraguan women out of hand painted paper. The paper beads have been sealed in many coats of glossy water-based varnish and are accented by glass beads." Each piece of jewelry you get is empowering women around the world and they include a little card to explain it. This is a perfect gift for yourself, daughter, sister, or mother (boys if you're reading- your wife!). They are such a fun, unique Valentine's gift and I recommend buying two if you have a young daughter... my necklace seems to go missing quite often.... From Etsy Shop BeadAmigas

3. Moody Sister's Skincare. I couldn't NOT include items that were made from my own needs and desires and I'll include a couple comments from customers so you believe me when I say, "You need these!"

I'm not a huge makeup person. I just would rather spend time in my warm bed before the kids get up then doing my hair and makeup. I wear mom jeans and shirts that aren't ruined by spit up and dried baby food. It's not a glamourous life, but that doesn't mean I don't have days where I want to feel sexy and beautiful! Our handmade tinted lip balms do just that, in seconds. You get sheer color to enhance your natural beauty. The lip balms are AWESOME! The tinted I like because it gives just enough color but doesn’t make you look like you are wearing lipstick with sweat pants."- Amanda R.


4. Equal Exchange Chocolate. What's a Valentine's Day without chocolate? I'd like to consider myself a Fair Trade Chocolate expert. I spent close to $100 last Halloween finding the best alternatives to my commercial candy favorites (more on that later). But one of the richest and most decadent chocolate I came across was Equal Exchange. This chocolate is sold in lots of places available to you via internet or brick and mortar. My favorite is the Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt. You can get them straight from their website, but I like grouping them with an order on Vitacost since I'm usually purchasing more than just chocolate anyways... :) Usually...

5. Organic Cotton Lingerie. "I love making women feel good, inside and out. I truly believe that if you are comfortable, you look and feel more sexy. This is what I strive to do with every piece of lingerie that I make for you." -Elise the Owner of On the Inside. I cannot agree enough with Elise. When I was looking for a comfortable nightgown for my post-baby body I wanted something that didn't make me look and feel like, well, I just had a baby. That's when I found On the Inside shop on Etsy. Not only are they made from organic cotton, but they are the most comfortable pieces I have ever worn-- and mind you this is coming from a girl who wore sweat pants and slippers almost everyday to highschool. I also appreciate the realistic and subtle sexiness of this line. (Read that as: I can wear it to bed without worrying that my 5 year old will see me in it and be shocked and have a lot of questions I don't want to answer.)

What are you favorite eco-friendly Valentine's Gifts? Did I peek your interest on any of these products? I'd love to hear more from you! Please comment below!