Moody Monday: Halloween Beauty Tricks

Moody Sisters Skincare Natural Beauty Halloween Tricks

Halloween Tricks for Beauty & Skin

You don’t have to look frightening or feel lifeless just because it’s Halloween week. We have 5 Must have products to cure all your monster beauty problems with just a few simple handmade natural products. We’ll turn your scary week into all about you, princess.

moody sisters skincare troll feet remedy

1.       Troll Feet
Symptoms:  Dry, cracked and rough skin with excess skin built up waiting to be buffed off.

Those likely to have them: This monstrous sight is common among those who wear lots of flip flops and don’t have enough time to pamper themselves.

DIY Remedy:  Grab our delicious luxurious sugar scrub paired with our dry skin cream for the ultimate revitalizing foot treatment.

2.       Crows Feet
Symptoms: Dark, puffy, tired, old eye area.

Those likely to have them: If you’re over 25 years old and/or have children and/or a husband and/or a dog then you are most likely overworked and sleep deprived. You may not be “old”, but you sure as hell feel that way.

DIY Remedy:  Run, don’t walk, to grab our silky luxurious nourishing serum made with incredibly beneficial pure essential oils loaded with vitamins to help rejuvenate and uplift mature skin. Wake up each morning and look and feel like a princess.

moody sisters skincare zombie remedy

3.       Zombie
Symptoms: Zombie like feel and appearance. You wake up and you feel asleep and/or are looking forward to the next night of rest. Your skin hasn’t seen the sunlight for far too long and is your skin peeling??

Those likely to be one: Women who love their family so much they sacrifice it all… including personal pampering.

DIY Remedy: Take a day for yourself and PAMPER. This is it girl, it’s do or die. Don’t become the walking dead, come towards the light!  Lavish in the glory of a new, soft, pampered body and massage in our Dry Skin Cream which will help stimulate skin cells to tighten and tone. If you’re feeling even bolder you can grab the cream AND Lip Balm all in coffee to give your body the jump start to living world.

moody sisters skincare wicked witch treatment

4.       Wicked Witch

Symptoms: Impatient, stressed, easily annoyed and generally cranky.

Those likely to be one: Overtired, over worked and/or hormonal women.

DIY Remedy:  Let’s face it, you need a break. And at the very least, you need a pick me up. So grab your favorite scent of Aromatherapy Oil in easy to apply roller bottles and you’ll be sure to have an instant pick me up wherever you go. Made with pure and natural essential oils for every mood.

5.       Skeleton

Symptoms: Ghostly appearance, black circles under eyes

Those likely to be one: Anyone who went trick or treating with their children the night before.

DIY Remedy:  You are a fragment of what you were, there is nothing left but bones! You just spent all your energy on your children's Halloween party, followed by an exhausting preparation to outfit your child in the latest Disney princess costume or Marvel Superhero, spent hundreds of dollars on candy and stayed up until midnight helping your child get a pillowcase full of sweets so you could eat your favorites. It's time to clean up, starting with yesterdays leftover makeup. Grab our bottle of all natural, easy and effective Eye Makeup Remover.  Once you've removed that make-up, refresh your skin with a dose of our Nourishing Serum.  You'll wake up fresh and hydrated - no more hollowed skeleton look for you!