7 Reasons for us to Do It For You

DIY, DIY Disasters, Pinterest Fails, Making your own Skincare, Making Cosmetics, Leave it to us, Moody Sisters, Natural Skincare, Handmade, Homemade

DIY, DIY Disasters, Pinterest Fails, Making your own Skincare, Making Cosmetics, Leave it to us, Moody Sisters, Natural Skincare, Handmade, Homemade

7 Reasons to Let us DIFY {Do it For You}

We know moms are more than capable of, well, pretty much anything. We bake, clean, chauffeur, play nurse-- we do it all. But with everything we have going on we barely have time to stay sane, let alone keep up with our husbands, friends and house projects. Who has time to make personalized crafts for their kids and handmade natural skincare for their family?! If you do, we applaud you, but we’re going to give you 7 reasons why you should let us DIFY {Do it For You}.

1.       Your Sanity. We love you too much to let you go crazy. We know how busy life can be, so let us do the work. And the great news is, you’re still supporting families because all our products are handmade by moms!

moody sisters diy messes

2.       No Messes. Seriously, what more do we need to stay about less cleaning?

3.       No Experimenting. Trial and error isn’t just for businesses. You can’t escape the time it takes to make things at home for the first time and perfect the recipe just for you. We’ve already done that. And with a test panel of women we are able to perfect our recipes on our dime and time so that you don’t have to.

moody sisters natural ingredients

4.       Trusted & Safe Ingredients. It’s hard to find ingredients (and recipes) that are organic, whole foods approved, natural and from suppliers that you can trust. We’ve done the research and we’ve partnered with amazing small suppliers all in the USA. And because we buy in larger quantities we are able to get some great prices verses buying in small quantities for one family.

5.       Time is Money. Think of the hours it will take to research, shop and attempt to make the products. This is time you could be spending with your family. Our handmade natural skincare is already affordable and when you add in the time you are saving it makes buying from Moody Sisters a no brainer!

6.       Your Pride. We don’t want you to end up on a Pinterest Fail Board. Seriously, can we save you that pain and embarrassment? We know you’re capable, but exploding lotion happens to the best of us. (See our picture above)

7.       Safety. We’ve had years of experience with skincare and it’s very important that you know how to safely create products that you’re applying to your skin. We know natural ingredients are important, as everything you apply is absorbed through your skin, but fresh ones are equally as important. It takes immaculate handling and manufacturing processes to ensure that your skincare doesn’t end up moldy or full of bacteria. Trust us, we’ve have these years of trial and error and we take pride in keeping our studio and making process clean, safe and reliable.

If you've already tried Moody Sisters Skincare then you know how awesome and amazing supporting a small handmade business can be and how we care for our customers like we care for our family. 

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