BOGO Deodorant {Woodsy Lavender}

BOGO Deodorant {Woodsy Lavender}


Grab these deos at a steal of a deal!  This little batch of Lavender got too much Benzoin essential oil in it - so it smells of rich, woodsy tones and the lavender is very faint.  Moody Sister Jess still uses them, and they work the same as the Lavender scent, so this is a great deal for those not too picky about the scent or who like woodsy undertones!  

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Deodorant Rejects

So we offered our products on Amazon for a while, and then they decided to hike their already crazy-high fees up on us and we just couldn't afford to offer our items there any longer!  We had them ship all of our items back to us, and most arrived in fabulous condition.  But apparently one of Amazon's storage facilities is on the surface of Mars because one of our boxes came back to us with some crazy melted deodorants!  Our deos have a really high melt point so we were pretty surprised -- we've cleaned them up as best we can, but some of these are a little low on product, some are just a bit messy, some will have some air pockets inside the tube.  The deodorant is still good, but they aren't up to our high standards, so we thought we'd offer them to the Sisterhood at less than 60% of our normal retail price! 

These deos are sold AS IS - no returns or exchanges.